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Liam Cunningham

Best known as a Supporting Actor based on credits in that role in 9 films, with $1,317,853,253 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #1,374)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Solon (Clash of the Titans), Alec Wade (Safe House), Maguire (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor), Army Doctor (War Horse), Francis Sheehy-Skeffington (The Guard)
Most productive collaborators: Denzel Washington, Daniel Espinosa, Louis Leterrier, Sam Worthington, Ryan Reynolds

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting9$479,564,572$838,288,681$1,317,853,253

Featured TV on DVD Review: Game of Thrones: Season Six

November 13th, 2016

Game of Thrones: Season Six

Long time fans of Game of Thrones have just one question on their minds... Why is Season Six coming out this week and not in spring just before Season Seven comes out, like they’ve done every year before. Well, I have some bad news for you. Season Seven isn’t coming out in the spring. It’s coming out in the Summer. So will this Blu-ray holdover fans until the next season comes out? More...

Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: Let Us Prey

May 24th, 2015

Let Us Prey is a British / Irish co-production that was first released in 2014 and was featured in a few film festivals during the year. However, it is only getting a Direct-to-DVD release in the States. There are a lot of horror movies that are released Direct-to-DVD, many of which are terrible. Can this film stand out? Or is there a reason it didn't get a theatrical release? More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
12/1/2017 24 Hours to Live   $0 $75,296 $75,296
7/22/2016 The Childhood of a Leader The Father  $0 $213,358 $213,358
6/23/2015 Dog Soldiers   $0 $0 $0
5/26/2015 Let Us Prey Six  $0 $0 $0
5/8/2015 Noble Thomas  $347,321 $585,335 $932,656
4/26/2013 The Numbers Station Michael Gray  $0 $36,211 $36,211
3/2/2012 Black Butterflies Jack Cope  $0 $116,670 $116,670
2/10/2012 Safe House Alec Wade  $126,181,630 $82,360,532 $208,542,162
12/25/2011 War Horse Army Doctor  $79,883,359 $76,932,170 $156,815,529
7/29/2011 The Guard Francis Sheehy-Skeffington  $5,359,774 $15,837,680 $21,197,454
4/1/2010 Clash of the Titans Solon  $163,214,888 $330,000,000 $493,214,888
7/10/2009 Blood: The Last Vampire Michael  $256,682 $5,427,272 $5,683,954
12/5/2008 Hunger Father Dominic Moran  $154,084 $0 $154,084
8/1/2008 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Maguire  $102,491,776 $303,268,449 $405,760,225
3/16/2007 The Wind That Shakes the Barley Dan  $1,829,142 $23,841,032 $25,670,174
Movies: 15Totals:$479,718,656$838,694,005$1,318,412,661