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Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $87,479,323Details
International Box Office $162,000,000
Worldwide Box Office $249,479,323
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Russell Crowe stars as Noah in the film inspired by the story of courage, sacrifice and hope.


Rotten Tomatoes
77% - Certified Fresh
46% - Spilled

Movie Details

Production Budget:$130,000,000
Theatrical Release: March 28th, 2014 (Wide) by Paramount Pictures
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for violence, disturbing images and brief suggestive content.
(Rating bulletin 2314, 3/19/2014)
Keywords: 3-D
Source:Based on Religious Text
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Historical Fiction

International Box Office: Rio 2 Rise, Soldier Surges Past Milestones

Rio 2 poster

Rio 2 raced to first place with $63.5 million on 20,008 screens in 65 markets for a total of $125.6 million after four weeks of release. This includes a first place debut in Mexico, where it earned $8.42 million on 2,627 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $8.97 million. This is about $3 million more than the first film's debut there. It also earned first place in Australia with $2.09 million on 278 screens, although this is weaker than its predecessor. It is still too soon to tell where it will finish internationally, as it has been doing better in some markets, but worse in others, when compared to Rio. That said, I think the studio should be happy overall. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Winter Solider Continues Solid Spring

Captian America: The Winter Soldier poster

As expected, Captain America: The Winter Soldier took the top spot on the weekend box office chart, but it was a little closer than expected, as the film's sophomore stint was on the low side of predictions. Rio 2 did very well opening with a nearly identical result as its predecessor. Oculus opened well, for a film that cost $5 million to make. It likely won't have good legs, because films of that genre rarely do, but it should break even regardless. Only Draft Day was disappointing. Overall, the box office was able to pull in $140 million over the weekend. This was down 16% from last weekend, but this is still 20% higher than the same weekend last year. Year-to-date, 2014 has now pulled in $2.73 billion, which is nearly 8% and $200 million more than last year's pace. More...

Weekend Predictions: Can Rio 2 Fly to the Top?

Rio 2 poster

While Captain America: The Winter Soldier is expected to win the race for first place on the box office chart this weekend, some think it will be rather close with Rio 2 giving it a fight. Draft Day and Oculus will also be in a close race for third place with both films earning in the low teens. Overall, the box office looks a lot stronger than it did last year. Both The Winter Soldier and Rio 2 will crush 42's opening, while Draft Day and Oculus will be close to Scary Movie 5's debut. More...

International Box Office: Winter of Content

Captian America: The Winter Soldier poster

Captain America: The Winter Soldier remained in first place on the international chart with $109.8 million in 50 markets for a two week total of $209.4 million internationally and $304.4 million worldwide. The Winter Soldier is already ahead of the first Captain America internationally, and by this time next week, it will have $500 million worldwide, about 30% more than its predecessor's final figure. This week, the film opened in first place in a trio of major markets, led by China where it earned $36.23 million, which is just over $20 million more than the first film finished with in that market. Russia was next with an opening of $7.79 million on 1,685, or $1 million lower than the first film's final tally there. Finally there was Australia, where the film opened with $5.91 million, which is about 20% more than its predecessor opened with. As far as holdovers go, the film added $4.64 million in the U.K. for a total of $18.31 million there, which is already ahead of the first film's total. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Winter Soldier Produces a Lot of Heat

Captian America: The Winter Soldier poster

So the first weekend of April was amazing. Not only did Game of Thrones set a series record for ratings (and the best for HBO since The Sopranos) but Captain America: The Winter Soldier set the April opening weekend of all time. Its opening was on the high end of expectations, which is great news, and this strength helped the overall box office grow by 19% from last weekend to $167 million. This is also 24% more than the same weekend last year. Year-to-date, 2014 now has $2.55 billion, which is 7% more than 2013's running tally of $2.38 billion. More...

International Box Office: Winter of Content

Captian America: The Winter Soldier poster

Captain America: The Winter Soldier started its international run a week earlier than its domestic run and it started out really well. It earned first place with $75.2 million in 32 markets. This includes a number of major markets, led by the U.K. with $10.05 million on 535 screens. By comparison, the first Captain America made $14.75 million in the U.K., in total, including a $4.90 million start. It also cracked $10 million in South Korea with $8.89 million on 1,268 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $10.99 million. The first film made $3.81 million in South Korea in total. The Winter Soldier also opened in Mexico, earning $8.60 million on 2,681, which was a little bit above its predecessor opening. It is too soon to tell if it will reach $20 million, like The First Avenger did. The first film made $10.28 million in France in total, while this film opened with $6.06 million on 664 screens. In Germany, the film only managed $3.66 million on 626 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $3.99 million, compared to $4.81 million the original made in total. It had a near identical opening in Italy with $3.60 million on 648 screens over the weekend, for a total opening of $4.06 million. This is close to half of the $8.60 million the first film made in total in that market. On the other hand, the film had to settle for second place in Spain with $2.93 million in 709 screens, which is just a little bit more than the $2.54 million the original opened with. As you can tell, The Winter Soldier topped The First Avenger's opening in every major market. It topped its predecessor's total in one major market. This is an amazing start and with several major markets left ahead of it, an international total of $300 million is a reasonable goal. More...

Weekend Predictions: Will Captain America Freeze Out the Competition?

Captian America: The Winter Soldier poster

It is the first weekend in April, which means one thing... Game of Thrones returns! Also, Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens domestically. The film already opened internationally and was a much bigger hit than its predecessor was in the markets it debuted in, which bodes well for its opening here. On the other hand, it scared away all other films and there's no competition opening in wide release and it could take a real bite out of the holdovers. That said, this weekend last year, the biggest hit of the weekend was Evil Dead, which only made $25.78 million and The Winter Soldier could earn four times that over the weekend. More...

Contest: It's Raining Prizes: Winning Announcement

The winners of our It's Raining Prizes contest were determined and they are... More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Noah Sails to the Top, but Box Office Sinks

Noah poster

March is over and it ended on a bit of a down note. Noah topped expectations, but not every film managed to do the same. For instance, Sabotage barely avoided the Mendoza Line. Overall the box office was down less than $1 million, or 0.7%, when compared to last weekend. Compared to last year, the box office was down 5%, which isn't great, but given how strong 2014 has been, it is hardly a reason to panic. In fact, year-to-date, 2014 has a 6% lead over 2013 at $2.35 billion to $2.22 billion. More...

Per Theater Chart: Mistakes Paid Dividends, while Raid Rules

Mistaken for Strangers poster

It was a close race, but The Raid 2 took top spot on the per theater chart with an average of $23,613 in seven theaters. Finding Vivian Maier was right behind with an average of $21,200 in three theaters. The overall number one film, Noah, was the only other film in the $10,000 club, earning an average of $12,257. More...

Weekend Predictions: Will Noah Wash Away the Competition?

Noah poster

The final weekend in March is a busy one with two wide releases, possibly two wide expansions, and a semi-wide release that could reach the top ten. Noah is the wider of the two wide releases and should have little trouble earning first place over the weekend. On the other hand, there is a chance Sabotage won't reach the top five. Both Bad Words and The Grand Budapest Hotel are expanding wide, or widish. The Grand Budapest Hotel should pop into the top five, but not everyone thinks Bad Words will reach the top ten. Finally, Cesar Chavez is opening in more than 600 theaters and there is a chance it will reach the top ten. This weekend last year was led by G.I. Joe: Retaliation with just over $40 million. Noah could get there, but even if it does, I don't think the other films will hold their end of the bargain and 2014 will finally lose in the year-over-year comparison. More...

International Box Office: Speed Races Around the World

Need for Speed poster

Need for Speed remained in first place on the international chart with $29.2 million in 55 markets for a two-week total of $96.1 million. This includes $10.5 million over the weekend in China, and $24.22 million for the full week. After two weeks of release, the film has $45.54 million in that one market. The film opened in first place in Germany with $2.91 million on 455 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $3.06 million. The film opens in Spain and France, among other markets, in April, while by the time it debuts in Japan, it might have covered its production budget internationally. More...

Contest: It's Raining Prizes

Noah poster

Noah opens next week and it could be a massive hit, or it might be an expensive flop. The film reportedly cost $160 million to make, so the studio will be pushing it hard. However, the buzz is mixed, at best. That said, it should crush the only other wide release of the week, Sabotage, which feels like an afterthought. There's a clear choice for the target film for this week's box office prediction contest. In order to win, one must simply predict the opening weekend box office number for Noah. Whoever comes the closest to predicting the film's opening 3-day weekend box office (Friday to Sunday), without going over, will win the first Frankenprize of the week, which I'm expanding. You can choose between three DVDs / Blu-rays, four TV on DVD releases, or six single-disc TV on DVD releases, usually kid's movies. Meanwhile, whoever comes the closest to predicting the film's opening 3-day weekend box office (Friday to Sunday), without going under, will win the second Frankenprize. Entries must be received by 10 a.m., Pacific Time on Friday to be eligible, so don't delay! More...

2014 Preview: March

Divergent poster

2014 continued its strong run in February with The Lego Movie beating even the high end expectations and will become the first film released in 2014 to reach $200 million. March doesn't look as strong, as no film is on track to hit $200 million, but there are five films that have a chance at $100 million. Granted, not all of them will get there; in fact, there's a chance only one of them will get there. Divergent is the film I think has the best shot at the century club, but it could be joined by Mr. Peabody and Sherman, for instance, which is earning surprisingly strong reviews. Noah is a big-budget Bible epic and the studio has to be hoping for at least $100 million, but the buzz is quite negative and there have been reports of troubles behind-the-scenes. Last March was led by Oz The Great and Powerful, which pulled in more than $200 million domestically. I don't think any film opening this March will match that figure. In addition, The Croods and G.I. Joe: Retaliation also hit the $100 million milestone, while Olympus Has Fallen came very close. Granted, there were also some big bombs last March, like The Host, but even so, I think 2014 will lose ground in the year-over-year comparison. More...


Russell Crowe    Noah
Jennifer Connelly    Naameh
Ray Winstone    Tubal-cain
Emma Watson    Ila
Anthony Hopkins    Methuselah
Logan Lerman    Ham
Kevin Durand    Og
Douglas Booth    Shem
Dakota Goyo    Young Noah
Nick Nolte    Samyaza
Marton Csokas    Lamech
Madison Davenport    Na'el
Leo McHugh Carroll    Japheth
Gavin Casalegno    Young Shem
Nolan Gross    Young Ham
Skylar Burke    Young Ila
Frank Langella    Azazel
Mark Margolis    Magog
Ariane Rinehart    Eve
Adam Griffith    Adam

Production and Technical Credits

Director    Darren Aronofsky
Screenwriter    Darren Aronofsky
Screenwriter    Ari Handel
Producer    Scott Franklin
Producer    Darren Aronofsky
Producer    Mary Parent
Producer    Arnon Milchan
Executive Producer    Ari Handel
Executive Producer    Chris Brigham
Director of Photography    Matthew Libatique
Production Designer    Mark Friedberg
Costume Designer    Michael Wilkinson
Composer    Clint Mansell
Visual Effects Designer    Industrial Light and Magic
Animation    Industrial Light and Magic
Co-Producer    Amy Herman
Co-Producer    Cale Boyter
Editor    Andrew Weisblum
Assistant Director    Richard Graves
Second Unit Director    George Aguilar
Second Unit Camera    Lukasz Jogalla
Supervising Art Director    Dan Webster
Set Decorator    Debra Schutt
Sound Mixer    Ken Ishii
Supervising Sound Editor    Craig Henighan
Re-recording Mixer    Skip Lievsay
Re-recording Mixer    Craig Henighan
Visual Effects Supervisor    Ben Snow
Visual Effects Producer    Andrew Fowler
Visual Effects Designer    Look Effects Inc.
Special Effects Supervisor    Burt Dalton
Make up effects and creature design    Adrien Morot
Casting Director    Mary Vernieu
Casting Director    Lindsay Graham
Stunt Coordinator    George Aguilar

Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2014/03/28 1 $15,183,234   3,567 $4,257   $15,183,234 1
2014/03/29 1 $17,603,390 +16% 3,567 $4,935   $32,786,624 2
2014/03/30 1 $10,933,848 -38% 3,567 $3,065   $43,720,472 3
2014/03/31 1 $3,105,382 -72% 3,567 $871   $46,825,854 4
2014/04/01 1 $3,604,455 +16% 3,567 $1,011   $50,430,309 5
2014/04/02 1 $2,610,467 -28% 3,567 $732   $53,040,776 6
2014/04/03 1 $2,300,385 -12% 3,567 $645   $55,341,161 7
2014/04/04 2 $4,878,170 +112% 3,571 $1,366   $60,219,331 8
2014/04/05 2 $7,237,551 +48% 3,571 $2,027   $67,456,882 9
2014/04/06 2 $4,930,023 -32% 3,571 $1,381   $72,386,905 10
2014/04/07 2 $1,255,452 -75% 3,571 $352   $73,642,357 11
2014/04/08 2 $1,640,014 +31% 3,571 $459   $75,282,371 12
2014/04/09 2 $1,106,111 -33% 3,571 $310   $76,388,482 13
2014/04/10 2 $1,033,153 -7% 3,571 $289   $77,421,635 14
2014/04/11 6 $2,058,829 +99% 3,282 $627   $79,480,464 15
2014/04/12 6 $3,192,498 +55% 3,282 $973   $82,672,962 16
2014/04/13 5 $2,302,280 -28% 3,282 $701   $84,975,242 17
2014/04/14 5 $709,275 -69% 3,282 $216   $85,684,517 18
2014/04/15 5 $1,040,654 +47% 3,282 $317   $86,725,171 19
2014/04/16 5 $754,152 -28% 3,282 $230   $87,479,323 20

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2014/03/28 1 $43,720,472   3,567 $12,257   $43,720,472 3
2014/04/04 2 $17,045,744 -61% 3,571 $4,773   $72,386,905 10
2014/04/11 5 $7,553,607 -56% 3,282 $2,302   $84,975,242 17


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