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John Logan

Best known as a Screenwriter based on credits in that role in 13 films, with $3,879,577,307 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #19)
Best-Known Technical Roles: Skyfall (Screenwriter), Spectre (Screenwriter), Spectre (Story Creator), Rango (Screenwriter), Rango (Story Creator)
Most productive collaborators: Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, Martin Scorsese, Gore Verbinski

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
In Technical RolesScreenwriter13$1,259,982,790$2,619,594,517$3,879,577,307
Story Creator4$509,973,163$1,172,193,741$1,682,166,904
Executive Producer1$0$0$0

2015 Preview: November

November 1st, 2015

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

October has come to an end and everyone should be happy about that. Except for The Martian, there were no serious hits that opened last month. There were more outright bombs than even midlevel hits. Fortunately, October of last year wasn't spectacular either, so 2015 maintains a healthy lead over 2014. Even more fortunately, November looks fantastic. There are four films that have the potential to earn $200 million or more. The biggest of these is the final Hunger Games movie, which should reach $400 million. Spectre has a real shot at $300 million and could be the biggest hit in the franchise. Meanwhile, nearly every November there's an animated kids movie that becomes a monster hit. This year, The Peanuts Movie and The Good Dinosaur are both aiming for that box office milestone. The last time we didn't have a family film that earned at least $100 million in November was 2011 and that's because there were four family films that opened in the final two weeks of the month and that much competition meant they cannibalized each other. Both of these has a shot at $200 million and if neither of them reached $200 million, I would be shocked. Meanwhile, last November was a good month at the top with three monster hits: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1, Big Hero 6, and Interstellar. However, after those three films, there were not much positive to talk about. It really looks like 2015 will match 2014 at the top, plus it could have better depth. I might be a little too optimistic, but I think November is going to be a great month at the box office. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
5/19/2017 Alien: Covenant Screenwriter $0 $0 $0
6/10/2016 Genius Producer,
$1,361,045 $4,272,527 $5,633,572
11/6/2015 Spectre Screenwriter,
Story by 
$200,074,175 $679,546,748 $879,620,923
8/29/2014 Jamie Marks Is Dead Executive Producer $0 $0 $0
11/8/2012 Skyfall Screenwriter $304,360,277 $806,166,704 $1,110,526,981
12/2/2011 Coriolanus Screenwriter,
$749,641 $300,000 $1,049,641
11/23/2011 Hugo Screenwriter $73,864,507 $106,183,277 $180,047,784
3/4/2011 Rango Screenwriter,
Story Creator 
$123,257,581 $122,246,993 $245,504,574
12/21/2007 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber … Screenwriter,
$52,898,073 $100,431,771 $153,329,844
12/17/2004 The Aviator Screenwriter $102,608,827 $105,762,065 $208,370,892
12/5/2003 The Last Samurai Story Creator,
$111,110,575 $345,700,000 $456,810,575
7/2/2003 Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas Screenwriter $26,483,452 $54,284,432 $80,767,884
5/5/2000 Gladiator Screenwriter $187,683,805 $270,000,000 $457,683,805
12/22/1999 Any Given Sunday Story Creator,
$75,530,832 $24,700,000 $100,230,832
Movies: 14Totals:$1,259,982,790$2,619,594,517$3,879,577,307