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Bruce Dern

Best known as an Actor based on credits in that role in 45 films, with $1,300,561,146 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #1,907)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Old Man Carrucan (Django Unchained), General Smithers (The Hateful Eight), Mr. Dudley (The Haunting), Link Statis (voice) (Small Soldiers), Thomas (Monster)
Most productive collaborators: Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson, Stacey Sher, Walton Goggins, Bob Weinstein
Born: June 4th, 1936 (80 years old)

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting13$380,988,715$456,410,051$837,398,766
Lead Ensemble Member1$54,117,416$91,325,944$145,443,360

2016 Preview: January

January 1st, 2016

Kung Fu Panda 3

2016 will begin the same way 2015 ended, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens on top. In fact, three of the five films that have the best shot at box office success in January are The Force Awakens, The Hateful Eight, and The Revenant, all of which opened in December. There are two true January releases that could also do really well, for this time of year: Ride Along 2 and Kung Fu Panda 3. The rest of the releases are just hoping to become midlevel hits. Last January, American Sniper dominated earning more than $300 million. Its success could prevent 2016 from being ahead in the year-over-year comparison by the end of the month, but this year does have better depth. More...

2014 - Awards Season: Slave Top Winners at Spirit Awards

March 2nd, 2014

12 Years a Slave poster

Independent Spirit Award handed out the hardware last night and the big winner was 12 Years a Slave, which picked up five of the seven awards it was nominated for. More...

Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: Nebraska

February 23rd, 2014

Nebraska is one of the major players during this year's Awards Season earning six Oscar nominations. That sets up really high expectations. Then again, it's a movie directed by Alexander Payne. That alone sets up really high expectations. Can the film live up to The Descendants' high quality? If it can't, is it still worth checking out? More...

2014 Awards Season: Oscar Highlight: Best Lead Actor

February 20th, 2014

Dallas Buyers Club poster

With our annual Oscar Prediction contest underway, now is the best time to look at the nominees and try and figure out who the favorites are and which films should just feel honored to be nominated. This week we will look at the four acting categories, continuing with Best Lead Actor. Like last year, this category is not truly competitive with one nominee way out ahead according to experts. And also like last year, I'm supporting an underdog. (In fact, I'm cheering for two underdogs.) More...

2014 Awards Season: Oscars Understand the Gravity of the Situation

January 16th, 2014

Gravity poster

The Oscar nominations were announced this morning and there are some surprises mixed in with the predictable results. Gravity and American Hustle led the way with ten nominations each while 12 Years a Slave was right behind with nine. The fact that 12 Years a Slave wasn't the leader is the first of the surprises. More...

2014 Awards Season: Slave Hustles to the Top

December 14th, 2013

12 Years a Slave poster

Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced their Golden Globe nominations this week, and a clear picture is forming. 12 Years a Slave was again the recipient of the most nominations, but this time it was a tie, as it and American Hustle both grabbed seven nominations. If you look down the list of other multi-nominated films, you will find a number of familiar faces. More...

2014 Awards Season: SAG a Slave to Slave

December 14th, 2013

12 Years a Slave poster

SAG handed out nominations over the week, and like with the Independent Spirit Awards, 12 Years a Slave led the way and earned four nominations. It wasn't the only film that was singled out. More...

2014 - Awards Season: Slave Earns Independence

November 28th, 2013

12 Years a Slave poster

Independent Spirit Award started the Awards Season this week, handing out its nominations. 12 Years a Slave led the way with seven nominations, but it wasn't the only film to pick up multiple nominations. More...

Limited Releases: Dear Limited Releases

November 15th, 2013

Nebraska poster

There are not a lot of limited releases on this week's list, but there are a few that are intriguing. Nebraska has the best reviews and an excellent pedigree. Dear Mr. Watterson is a good choice for fans of Calvin and Hobbes. While Faust is earning good enough reviews to be worth checking out, even if it will be overshadowed by some of the Oscar contenders out there. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
2/3/2017 American Violence Richard Morton  $0 $0 $0
12/25/2015 The Hateful Eight General Smithers  $54,117,416 $91,325,944 $145,443,360
4/7/2015 Silent Running Freeman Lowell  $0 $0 $0
4/3/2015 Cut Bank George Wits  $0 $137,642 $137,642
9/3/2014 Bloody Mama   $0 $0 $0
11/15/2013 Nebraska Woody Grant  $17,654,912 $7,106,448 $24,761,360
7/23/2013 Twixt   $0 $1,268,346 $1,268,346
3/15/2013 Kokuriko-zaka Kara Onodera  $1,000,878 $48,742,934 $49,743,812
12/25/2012 Django Unchained Old Man Carrucan  $162,805,434 $287,142,889 $449,948,323
9/28/2012 The Hole 3D Creepy Carl  $0 $9,716,671 $9,716,671
12/16/2011 Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywo… Himself  $3,050 $0 $3,050
9/9/2011 Inside Out Dr. Vic  $0 $0 $0
3/18/2011 Choose   $0 $90,901 $90,901
3/9/2007 Believe in Me Ellis Brawley  $209,654 $0 $209,654
2/23/2007 The Astronaut Farmer Hal  $11,003,643 $137,570 $11,141,213
5/5/2006 Down in the Valley Charlie  $568,932 $404,511 $973,443
6/3/2005 Milwaukee, Minnesota   $17,528 $0 $17,528
4/22/2005 Madison Harry Volpi  $517,262 $0 $517,262
12/24/2003 Monster Thomas  $34,469,210 $29,771,603 $64,240,813
7/24/2003 Masked and Anonymous Editor  $533,344 $21,991 $555,335
4/25/2003 A Decade Under the Influence Himself  $34,514 $0 $34,514
9/14/2001 The Glass House Begleiter  $17,951,431 $4,910,354 $22,861,785
12/22/2000 All the Pretty Horses Judge  $15,527,125 $2,593,142 $18,120,267
7/23/1999 The Haunting Mr. Dudley  $91,188,905 $89,000,000 $180,188,905
7/10/1998 Small Soldiers Link Statis (voice)  $55,143,823 $16,600,000 $71,743,823
9/20/1996 Last Man Standing Sheriff Ed Galt  $18,115,927 $0 $18,115,927
4/26/1996 Mulholland Falls The Chief  $11,504,190 $0 $11,504,190
3/1/1996 Down Periscope Yancy Graham  $25,723,977 $0 $25,723,977
12/1/1995 Wild Bill Will Plummer  $2,169,373 $194,099 $2,363,472
8/14/1992 Diggstown John Gillon  $4,495,615 $0 $4,495,615
8/24/1990 After Dark, My Sweet Garrett 'Uncle Bud' Stoker  $2,678,414 $0 $2,678,414
2/17/1989 The `Burbs Mark Rumsfield  $35,382,246 $0 $35,382,246
11/18/1988 1969 Cliff  $5,979,011 $0 $5,979,011
9/25/1987 The Big Town Mr. Edwards  $1,733,017 $0 $1,733,017
12/10/1982 That Championship Season George Sitkowski  $40,000 $0 $40,000
1/1/1980 Middle Age Crazy Bobby Lee  $13,000,000 $0 $13,000,000
1/1/1978 Coming Home Capt. Bob Hyde   $32,653,000 $0 $32,653,000
4/9/1976 Family Plot George Lumley  $13,200,000 $0 $13,200,000
3/29/1974 The Great Gatsby Tom Buchanan  $26,533,200 $0 $26,533,200
1/1/1972 The Cowboys Asa Watts  $7,500,000 $0 $7,500,000
12/10/1969 They Shoot Horses, Don't They? James  $12,600,000 $0 $12,600,000
8/3/1968 Hang 'em High Miller  $6,800,000 $0 $6,800,000
5/27/1967 The War Wagon Hammond  $6,000,000 $0 $6,000,000
7/20/1966 The Wild Angels Loser Josey Kerns  $15,541,070 $0 $15,541,070
1/1/1964 Marnie Sailor  $7,000,000 $0 $7,000,000
Movies: 45Totals:$711,396,101$589,165,045$1,300,561,146