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Domestic Sources Box Office Records

Record No 1. Movie Amount
Top Original Screenplay Domestic Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens $936,662,225
Top Based on Fiction Book/Short Story Domestic Jurassic World $652,270,625
Top Based on Comic/Graphic Novel Domestic Black Panther $698,070,288
Top Remake Domestic Beauty and the Beast $504,014,165
Top Based on TV Domestic Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen $402,111,870
Top Based on Real Life Events Domestic Pearl Harbor $198,539,855
Top Based on Factual Book/Article Domestic American Sniper $350,126,372
Top Based on Play Domestic My Big Fat Greek Wedding $241,438,208
Top Based on Folk Tale/Legend/Fairytale Domestic Frozen $400,738,009
Top Spin-Off Domestic Rogue One: A Star Wars Story $532,177,324
Top Based on Game Domestic Lara Croft: Tomb Raider $131,144,183
Top Based on Theme Park Ride Domestic Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’… $423,315,812
Top Based on Musical or Opera Domestic Grease $181,813,770
Top Based on Religious Text Domestic The Passion of the Christ $370,782,930
Top Based on Toy Domestic The Lego Movie $257,784,718
Top Based on Short Film Domestic This is the End $101,470,202
Top Compilation Domestic Fantasia $83,320,000
Top Based on Song Domestic I Can Only Imagine $82,904,409
Top Based on Movie Domestic Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem $41,797,066
Top Based on Musical Group Domestic Spice World $29,342,592
Top Based on Web Series Domestic Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping $9,496,130
Top Based on Ballet Domestic The Nutcracker $1,009,291