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International Sources Box Office Records

Record No 1. Movie Amount
Top Original Screenplay International Avatar $2,018,998,997
Top Based on Fiction Book/Short Story International Jurassic World $1,019,442,583
Top Based on Comic/Graphic Novel International Avengers: Infinity War $1,346,018,308
Top Remake International Beauty and the Beast $758,952,841
Top Based on TV International Transformers: Age of Extinction $858,600,000
Top Based on Real Life Events International Dangal $279,859,156
Top Based on Factual Book/Article International Fast and Furious 6 $550,620,594
Top Based on Play International Xia Luo Te Fan Nao $227,290,552
Top Based on Folk Tale/Legend/Fairytale International Frozen $873,496,971
Top Spin-Off International Minions $831,199,596
Top Based on Game International Warcraft $385,900,000
Top Based on Theme Park Ride International Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger… $804,600,000
Top Based on Musical or Opera International Mamma Mia! $471,618,709
Top Based on Religious Text International Noah $251,631,021
Top Based on Toy International G.I. Joe: Retaliation $253,217,645
Top Based on Short Film International Pixels $165,378,715
Top Compilation International Movie 43 $22,324,294
Top Based on Song International Tong zhuo de ni $73,050,000
Top Based on Movie International Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem $87,087,428
Top Based on Musical Group International Spice World $26,700,000
Top Based on Web Series International Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds $107,932,312
Top Based on Ballet International The Nutcracker in 3D $20,270,557