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Featured DVD Review: Big Bad Wolf

March 2nd, 2014

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Big Bad Wolf was made under the name Huff. Big Bad Wolf... Huff... Yep, it's a horror film inspired by The Three Little Pigs. This isn't the only horror film with a folktale origin, but I'm not sure there's enough plot in the original story to make a feature-length movie. If not, we could have a generic horror movie with a lame hook. Let's hope for the best.

The Movie

The film begins with Huff telling his three step-daughters the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, which he ends by telling the girls God was willing to sacrifice two women to save one man, so in order to be loved, women must know their place. Their mother, Lorelei is worried that's not the right Bible story for young girls, but Huff says he's the man of the house, so if she doesn't like it, she can leave.

We then jump forward seven years and we catch up with the three daughters, Brixi, Styx, and Shay. ... Okay, hopefully the rest of the allusions to the Three Little Pigs are not as ham-fisted as that. (Pun not intended.) We also meet up with Huff, who is a low-level drug dealer. He's about to have the score of a lifetime, as he has a chance to purchase $250,000 in pot from Scotty. This will make him enough money to leave the U.S. for Mexico, with his mistress, Laci.

There's just one problem with this plan. Huff is a horrible person. He's being using Bible verses to molest Brixi for years and she catches him making the moves on Shay. Brixi takes one for the team, to be crass, but that night Lorelei finds out what Huff has been doing. She also finds the money he's going to use to buy drugs and gives it to her three daughters so they can start over somewhere new. Of course, when Huff finds out his money is gone, he goes into a murderous rage.

Beside the slim connection to the Three Little Pigs, there's not a lot in Big Bad Wolf that stands out. It's part of the Blood and Boobs subgenre of horror, but while there's a lot of blood, any hint of boobs fails under the "this is uncomfortable" banner. Worse still, it fails to deliver on the tension. The script doesn't deliver many tense moments and there are more scenes with Huff screaming at someone who can't get away about his money than there are scenes that are genuinely frightening. Maybe if I cared more about the characters I would have been drawn into the movie, but that wasn't the case. The acting doesn't help the situation, as in many cases it was inexperience. Although again the script is working against the film here, because it doesn't give the actors much to work with. If you are into low-budget horror, then this is far from the worst such movie I've reviewed, so perhaps it is worth a rental.

The Extras

The only extra on the DVD is an eight-minute long behind-the-scenes / interview featurette.

The Verdict

Big Bad Wolf is a low-budget, low expectations Blood and Boobs horror film, but has much more blood than boobs. If you are into these movies, then the DVD might be worth a rental, but that's as enthusiastic as I'm going to get.

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