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International Box Office: Second Serving of Pi

January 16th, 2013

Life of Pi remained in first place on the international chart with $34.95 million on 9,291 screens in 67 markets. Its totals reached $359.11 million internationally and $453.91 million worldwide. The film's biggest market of the weekend was Russia, where it earned $4.45 million on 1,575 screens over the weekend for a total of $25.07 million after two.

Chinese films again did well internationally with The Grandmaster earning second place with $26.83 million in two markets during its opening weekend.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey slipped to third place with $26.2 million on 10,370 screens in 64 markets for an international total of $609.3 million. Its worldwide total reached $887.51 million, while it still has a shot at the $1 billion market. Germany was the film's biggest market adding $4.44 million on 791 screens to its running tally, which now sits at $81.55 million.

Les Misérables rose to fourth place with $25.5 million on 10,516 screens in 22 markets for a still relatively early total of $115.5 million. It earned first place in the U.K. with $13.11 million on 589 screens.

Jack Reacher remained in fifth place with $18.05 million on 5,911 screens in 57 markets for a total of $81.13 million on the international scene, which is more than it has made domestically. It earned first place in Spain, but with just $1.51 million on 399 screens. It only managed third place in Russia, but with $2.63 million on 946, while it struggled in Brazil with $1.00 million on 217.

Chinese Zodiac fell to sixth place with $13.55 million in 7 markets for a total of $142.88 million after three weeks of release. Like most Chinese films, that's all the market information we have.

Wreck-It Ralph slipped a spot to seventh with $12.7 million on 3,056 screens in 59 markets for totals of $157.8 million internationally and $337.2 million worldwide. It probably has enough to get to $200 million internationally, but that will likely be the film's last major milestone.

Gangster Squad opened in eighth place with $9.3 million on 1,483 screens in 19 markets. It managed third place in the U.K. with $3.37 million on 436 screens, which is roughly inline with its opening here. It was stronger in Australia, given the relative size of the two markets, but still had to settle for third place with $2.40 million on 205 screens. It is too early to predict where it will end up.

Lost In Thailand earned $8.98 million in China giving it $191.13 million after four weeks of release. This is a market that Hollywood studios are going to have to cater to in the near future.

The Impossible landed in tenth place with $7.76 million on 1,830 screens in 43 markets for a total of $95.51 million. The film has yet to open in a number of major markets (Australia, Germany, Italy, Russia, etc.) and it will have no trouble getting past $100 million before it does.

Skyfall nearly fell out of the top twenty, but still managed $4.02 million on 1,889 screens in 50 markets for totals of $733.71 million internationally and $1.033 billion worldwide. It is about $10 million out of tenth place on the all-time chart.


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