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DVD Sales: Dark Knight Shines on the Home Market

January 20th, 2013

New releases dominated the top of the December 9th edition of the DVD sales chart with four of them placing within the top six. Unsurprisingly, The Dark Knight Rises led the way with a stunning result of 2.03 million units / $26.96 million during its first week of release. Impressively, Brave remained in second place with 509,000 units / $9.16 million for the week giving it totals of 4.84 million units / $82.61 million after nearly a month of release. The film is showing legs that are rare on the home market and it is one of the best selling DVDs of 2012. Men in Black 3 held onto third place with 454,000 units / $7.71 million for the week giving it totals of 832,000 units / $13.98 million after two weeks of release. This is not a bad start, but it doesn't really give the studio reason to greenlight yet another installment in the franchise. The Odd Life of Timothy Green was next with 366,000 units / $6.22 million. This isn't a bad start compared to its theatrical run. Assuming it didn't cost a ridiculous amount to make, it is well on its way to profitability. Up next was the Batman trilogy box set with 329,000 units / $8.55 million, which just adds to the impressive sales numbers for The Dark Knight Rises this week.

The final new release to chart this week was Hope Springs, which earned sixth place with 282,000 units / $4.83 million, which is a little lower than I was anticipating.


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