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Featured TV on DVD Review: Clifford the Big Red Dog: Celebrate with Clifford

February 3rd, 2013

Clifford the Big Red Dog: Celebrate with Clifford - Buy from Amazon

The last near episode of Clifford the Big Red Dog aired ten years ago, but this year is the 50th anniversary of the first book, Clifford, the Big Red Dog. To celebrate, the studio is releasing Celebrate with Clifford. What episodes on found on the DVD? And are there any extras?

The Show

  1. Clifford's Carnival
    Emily Elizabeth's school is putting on a autumn festival and Clifford helps. He helps a lot more than Jetta does, and this causes friction between her and Charley.
  2. Tough Enough
    T-Bone's owner tells him, "You couldn't scare a fly off a donut." He means it in the nicest way, but T-Bone is worried he's not tough enough to be the sheriff's dog. He asks Clifford and Cleo for advice how to be tough.
  3. Team Spirit
    The Birdwell Birds, the local youth soccer team. One of their players, Vaz, isn't very good, but he is enthusiastic. When Jetta tells him his bad play could cost them the game, he asks the coach to take him out of the game.
  4. Clifford on Parade
    Emily Elizabeth and Charley are trying to come up with ideas for a float. Emily wants to make a basketball themed float, while Charley wants to make a pirate themed float. When they can't decide which float to make, they decide to make separate floats and Clifford is worried they are fighting.
  5. Screaming for Ice Cream
    When Charley's dad goes to the eye doctor to get his eyes tested, he leaves Charley and Emily Elizabeth at the seaside Fish and Chips stand. He offers Emily a soft-server ice cream cone and soon he's serving a lot of customers. At first it works out great, then the machine breaks and Charley can't turn it off.
  6. The Best Gift
    Emily Elizabeth is making a birthday card for her mother, with Clifford and Charley's help. Jetta comes by asks what gift she's getting her mother. Jetta's shocked Emily Elizabeth is just making her a card and writing some poetry. She gets Emily Elizabeth worried that her gift isn't good enough and now she's going off to get matching mother - daughter outfits.
  7. Clifford the Pirate King
    Emily Elizabeth, Charley, Jetta, Vaz, and the other kids are throwing a pirate party on Charley's houseboat and Clifford, T-Bone, and Cleo are helping. When the party starts, Clifford is almost too big to fit on the houseboat.

The Extras

There are some printable coloring pages on the first disc. There is also a bonus disc, Happy Birthday Clifford!, which was released five years ago and is currently $10 on, or just $1 less than this DVD.

The Verdict

If your kids like Clifford the Big Red Dog and you don't already have Happy Birthday Clifford!, then Celebrate with Clifford is absolutely worth picking up. It's twice the entertainment for only $1 more. If you do own that previous DVD, then it is still a good deal compared to many similar TV on DVD releases.

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