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DVD Sales: January 27th, 2013: Watch Gets Taken Out in the End

March 14th, 2013

There were four new releases in the top five of the DVD sales chart for the week of January 27th. However, Taken 2 was able to remain in first place with 516,000 units / $7.73 million over the week for totals of 1.68 million units / $27.55 million after two. End of Watch opened in second place with 425,000 units / $7.22 million during its opening weekend. That's not a great start, but it did better on Blu-ray. Madly Madagascar opened in third place with 241,000 units, although it did do as well in terms of revenue with just $1.45 million, or less than $6 per DVD. Death Race 3: Inferno opened in fourth place in terms of units with 158,000 and third place in terms of revenue with $2.68 million. Fifth place went to The Paperboy with 105,000 units, but it didn't even reach the top ten in terms of revenue with $1.05 million.

There were a couple other new releases to chart, with Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning in 15th place with 51,000 units / $962,000. That's not a bad start for a direct-to-DVD sequel to a franchise that wasn't that strong to begin with. The Men Who Built America earned 20th place in its debut with 44,000 units / $1.00 million.


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