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Home Market Numbers: March 31st, 2013: Lincoln Can't Unite Home Market

May 19th, 2013

The overall Blu-ray market suffered a little setback for the week of March 24, 2013. The new releases were not very strong and the chart was led by Lincoln, which is not the type of film that needs to be seen in high definition. This left the overall Blu-ray market down 10% in terms of units and 12% in terms of revenue. Granted, this still means it sold 2.61 million units and generated $61.23 million in sales, which is great for the time of year. In fact, it was 136% better than last year in terms of units and 145% better in terms of revenue, but this was due in part by a misalignment in the Easter weekend. On the other hand, DVD did even better thanks to the Easter sales and the overall Blu-ray share fell to 34% in terms of units and 41% in terms of revenue. It won't bounce back next week, but more on that down below.

This week's DVD sales were not as strong at the top, but thanks to the Easter sales, they still grew compared to last week, up 60% in terms of units and 74% in terms of revenue. Growth compared to last year was almost as strong, up 51% in terms of units and 50% in terms of revenue.

Next week's new releases will be led by The Bible, but mostly by default. It is a truly terrible week as far as new releases go. Worse still, this week last year was the Easter week, so while the new releases weren't great, the overall market earned a sizable boost on both DVD and Blu-ray. 2013 is going to be crushed, especially on Blu-ray.


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