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Home Market Numbers: Home Run on the Home Market

October 3rd, 2013

Okay, maybe it wasn't a home run on the home market, but new releases for the week of July 21st, 2013 helped the overall Blu-ray market grow from last week and last year. Led by 42, there were 825,000 units sold and $19.11 million in revenue generated, which was 31% higher in terms of units and 41% higher in terms revenue. Year-over-year, there were just 1% more units sold, but 34% higher revenue. This, plus weaker DVD numbers, helped the overall Blu-ray share jump to 32% in terms of units and 42% in terms of revenue. That's better than I was anticipating.

DVD sales this week were again mixed when compared to last week down 11% in terms of units, but up 1% higher in terms of revenue. DVD sales were much weaker when compared to last year, down 14% in terms of units and 24% in terms of revenue.

Next week's new releases are disastrous. There's a chance none will reach the top 30. The biggest box office hits of the week, Trance, Ginger and Rosa, etc., were all limited releases. It is rare for a limited release to chart, but with really weak competition, at least one should make the top 30. By comparison, last year's new releases were about the same. Silent House was the best new DVD, but Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season One led the way on Blu-ray, at least in terms of revenue. I don't think 2013 will come out ahead in the year-over-year comparison, especially not in terms of revenue.


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