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IMAX: Spider-Man Swings onto IMAX

July 10th, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man had an incredible opening on IMAX. It has made $24 million worldwide since its opening last weekend, including $14.3 million in 307 IMAX screens this past weekend and a total of $10 million internationally from 137 IMAX screens.

IMAX also released its second quarter numbers. The format's total box office was $174.7 million, which was split at $78.1 million domestic and $96.6 million international. This was 62% higher than the same quarter last year, although growth internationally was much higher than growth domestically (101% vs. 31%). Year to date, IMAX has amassed $296.4 million in total box office, with the international topping the domestic $154.0 million to $142.4 million. For a long time, the domestic box office was far and away ahead of the international box office when it came to IMAX, but the company has put a lot of effort into expanding into the foreign market and it is paying off.



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