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DVD Sales: Prometheus Tops Chart, But Starts Slow

October 26th, 2012

Prometheus was one of eight new releases to reach the top 30 on this week's DVD Sales Chart. It led the way with 348,000 units / $5.92 million. This is lower than expected, but it did do much better on Blu-ray. The Avengers was pushed into second place with 284,000 units / $5.66 million for the week, giving it totals of 3.03 million units / $53.76 million after three. It remains in fourth for the year and should climb one more spot rather soon. Rock of Ages opened in third place with 268,000 units / $4.01 million. This isn't a bad start, given its box office struggles. However one has to assume the studio was hoping for more when they spent $75 million making the movie. Monster High: Ghouls Rule debuted in fourth place with $160,000 / $2.08 million. This is outstanding for a release like this. Dark Shadows fell to fifth place with 157,000 units / $2.35 million for the week and 585,000 units / $8.75 million after two.

Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters landed in sixth place with 76,000 units / $762,000. Most stand-up DVDs never chart, so this is a good beginning. The Raven was right behind with 75,000 units / $1.13 million. It pretty much bombed across the board and there's very little here for the studio to be happy about. Bones: Season Seven opened in eighth place with 73,000 units, but thanks to TV on DVD pricing, it earned fourth place in terms of revenue with $2.55 million. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Season Seven earned 15th place during its first week of release with 41,000 units / $1.03 million. This is good for a cable release. WWE: CM Punk - Best in the World opened in 19th place with 29,000 units / $576,000 during its first week of release.


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