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Blu-ray Sales: Campaign Comes Out on Top

December 7th, 2012

There were not many new releases to reach the top ten of the Blu-ray sales chart this week, or even the top thirty. However, we did have a new number one as The Campaign earned first place with 196,000 units sold and $4.17 million in revenue. This is not a good start, but at least its opening week Blu-ray share was strong for a comedy at 38%. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted rose to second place with 153,000 units / $3.28 million for the week and totals of 944,000 units / $19.77 million after three. Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings fell from first to third with 146,000 units / $4.13 million for the week. However, for this type of release, two-week totals of 501,000 units / $14.26 million is still really strong. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter fell to fourth place with $108,000 units / $2.16 million for the week and 372,000 units / $7.44 million after two. One would have to think the studio was expecting more. Prometheus remained in fifth place with 88,000 units / $2.20 million. After nearly a month of release, the film has sold 1.04 million units and generated in $21.91 million in revenue.

Rosemary's Baby opened in 12th place with 25,000 units / $624,000. This is good for a catalog title and I think the studio should be happy. A Christmas Story 2 was the only other new release to chart earning 21st place with 13,000 units / $257,000. Its opening week Blu-ray share was 17%, which is weak, but not unexpected.

Given the really weak new releases, it is not surprising that the overall Blu-ray market was down substantially from last week and last year. There were 22% fewer units sold while the revenue was down by 25%, when compared to last week. When compared to last year, the film sold 16% fewer units and generated 27% less revenue. The only good news for Blu-ray was that DVD sales were likewise weaker; in fact, they were down even more, falling 27% in terms of units and 31% in terms of revenue from last week and 27% in terms of both units and revenue from last year. This left the overall Blu-ray share mostly stable at 33% in terms of units and 42% in terms of revenue.

Next week will be a whole lot better as the new releases include The Amazing Spider-Man, which should do really, really well on Blu-ray. Last year, Cars led the new releases, as it sold 1.64 million DVDs and 773,000 Blu-rays. Hopefully Spider-Man will top that and lead the way to victory.


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