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Awards Season: PGA Doesn't Toy With Expectations

January 4th, 2011

Producers Guild of America announced the nominations in seven categories, three of which are for theatrical releases. Like last year, there was only one repeat nominee, and again like last year, it was a Pixar release.

The categories and nominations are...




Notes and Reactions...

  • Toy Story 3 was the only film to take home two nominations, which likely means its the favorite to win Best Animated Film.
  • Of the ten nominations for Best Feature Film, none of them can be considered a real shock. You could argue that Winter's Bone deserved a nod, but it would be hard to argue that one movie on the list was clearly not deserving of recognition.
  • I am a little surprised The Illusionist was passed over and Despicable Me was nominated instead. On the other hand, both films, as well as Tangled, earned reviews that made them worthy of nomination, but I thought since The Illusionist was the sole hand animated film to be in contention, that would give it the edge.
  • Inside Job took one more step to being the odds on favorite to win the Oscar for Best Feature-Length Documentary this year.


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