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International Box Office: Thor Nears Century Mark in Opening

May 4th, 2011

Thor began its international run in earnest this weekend and it screamed into first place with $89.16 million on 8,401 screens in 54 markets for a total of $98.92 million. It scored a first place $8.99 million opening on 500 screens in the U.K., which was its biggest opening. However, it was arguably better in Mexico with $7.06 million on 1664 screens, as that market is smaller. It also opened in first place in France with $7.05 million on 608 screens and in Brazil with $5.34 million on 557 screens. It opened a few days early in South Korea and in Italy, but still earned first place in both with total openings of $5.93 million on 555 screens and $5.46 million on 581 screens respectively.

On the other hand, Thor had to settle for second place in its openings in Germany ($5.38 million on 530 screens over the weekend and $5.70 million in total) and in Spain ($5.57 million on 377 screens). Meanwhile in Australia, the film was down 43% to $3.33 million on 391 screens over the weekend for a total of $13.21 million after two. This is a good result and better than what Iron Man had at this point in its run.

This bodes well for its domestic debut on Friday, and by the time it opens in Japan in July, it could have $400 million worldwide.

Fast Five remained in second place with $46.19 million on 3207 screens in 14 markets for an early total of $82.62 million. Its biggest opening came from Russia where it earned $11.5 million on 712 screens, which is the market's biggest four-day opening of the year and the best Universal opening ever in Russia. It also debuted in top spot in Germany and Spain with $10.49 million on 633 screens and $6.59 million on 344 screens respectively. It was down 51% in the U.K. to $4.31 million on 452 screens, which is a little high for that market, but on par with expectations. The film remain in top spot in Australia with $4.47 million on 379 screens over the weekend for a total of $20.14 million after two.

Rio fell to third place with $31.52 million on 10,608 screens in 67 markets for a total of $263.95 million internationally and 367.97 million worldwide. No major market openings didn't hurt the film too much, as it added $4.28 million on 667 screens in France for a total of $14.60 million after three weeks of release. Meanwhile it has $35.84 million in Brazil, including $3.37 million on 748 screens this past weekend.

The Lost Bladesman opened in fourth place with $15.88 million on 546 screens in seven markets over the weekend for a total opening on $17.16 million. We don't have breakdowns for individual markets, but this is common for Chinese films.


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