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Per Theater Chart: Hat Trick for Tree

June 14th, 2011

The Tree of Life remained in top spot on the per theater chart with an average of $17,596 in 47 theaters. It will clearly expand further, and it is safe to say it has already earned some measure of mainstream success. The Trip opened well with an average of $12,984 in six theaters. It did earn great reviews, so it might last a long time in theaters. On the other hand, I think its target audience is too narrow to expand significantly. Beginners was in a virtual tie with an average of $12,793. It will start hitting milestones soon. Super 8 opened with an average of $10,492 while in saturation level theater count.

No other new limited releases really came close to the $10,000 mark with Troll Hunter at $5,585 in one theater. The Green Ray was also playing in one theater where it earned $4,957 over the weekend and $5,349 including Thursday. Viva Riva! opened with an average of $3,438 in three theaters. Bride Flight opened with an average of $2,844, but it was playing in 19 theaters, which partially explains its struggles. Finally, Road to Nowhere missed the Mendoza Line with an average of just $1,209 in two theaters.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theater Charts alumni:

  • The Double Hour hit $1 million very early in the weekend, but that's as far as it will go.
  • The Tree of Life got to $2 million over the weekend and should have no trouble reaching $3 million by this time next week.
  • Win Win made it all the way to $10 million over the weekend, barely. It won't go any further, but getting to $10 million is amazing for a limited release.
  • Midnight in Paris also got to $10 million over the weekend, but it will get to $15 million before the weekend, while it will clearly get to $20 million before long.


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