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DVD Sales: Rio Earns Trio of Wins

August 30th, 2011

There were six new releases to chart this week, but none were able to push Rio out of top spot. The film sold an additional 361,000 units lifting its running tally to 2.58 million units / $38.67 million after three weeks of release. Dexter: Season Five debuted in second place in terms of units sold with 322,000 units, but first in terms of dollars with $9.55 million. This is a little weaker than the previous season, but it should make up the difference on Blu-ray. Something Borrowed debuted in third place with 210,000 units / $3.32 million, which is rather weak. Priest earned fourth place during its first week of release with 196,000 units / $3.48 million. Jane Eyre was the fourth new release in a row to earn fifth place with 84,000 units / $1.43 million, which is good for a limited release.

There were a couple of new releases to chart with Hoodwinked Too!: Hood vs. Evil grabbing tenth place with 68,000 units / $1.10 million and The Conspirator placing eleventh with 64,000 units / $1.08 million.


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