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DVD Sales: X Marks the Spot

September 21st, 2011

New releases dominated the DVD sales chart this week with ten in the top thirty and three in the top five. This includes X-Men: First Class, which took top spot with 561,000 units / $10.01 million during just three days of release. Hanna was well back in second place with 185,000 units / $2.77 million. This is weaker than expected. The Office: Season Seven was third in terms of units with 165,000 units, but second in terms of revenue at $4.95 million. Rio remained relevant scoring fourth place with 115,000 units / $2.00 million for the week and 3.02 million units / $45.54 million after six. It became just the fourth DVD of 2011 to sell more than 3 million units, and the first theatrical release of 2011 to reach that milestone. Madea's Big Happy Family rounded out the top five with 112,000 units / $1.85 million for the week giving it totals of 483,000 units / $7.77 million after two.

There was a logjam of new releases that came close to the top five, starting with Fringe: Season Three in seventh place with 104,000 units / $3.85 million. Community: Season Two was eighth with 85,000 units / $1.70 million. Right behind that release was Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels with 66,000 units / $928,000. Two and a Half Men: Season Eight was in a virtual tie with just under 66,000 units, but thanks to its TV on DVD pricing, generating $2.04 million in revenue. Criminal Minds: Season Six just missed the top ten with 63,000 units / $2.34 million.

We are still not done, as Scooby-Doo: Legend of the Phantosaur opened in 13th place with 47,000 units / $698,000. Finally, Everything Must Go earned 18th place with 40,000 units / $674,000.


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