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International Box Office: Snakes Swallow Smurfs

October 6th, 2011

The Smurfs were finally knocked off the top spot on the international chart, falling prey to The Sorcerer And The White Snake. This Chinese film opened in a trio of markets earning $15.88 million, but no other details were released.

The Smurfs was the only other film to top $10 million on the international chart this past weekend. It added $10.55 million on 5,282 screens in 61 markets lifting its total to $380.66 million internationally and $519.47 million worldwide. It remained in first place in Australia with $3.08 million on 457 screens over the weekend for a total of $12.64 million after three. It also stayed in top spot in Italy with $1.71 million on 545 screens over the weekend for a total of $10.86 million, also after three weeks. Getting to $400 million internationally seems pretty likely at this point.

Abduction rose into third with $9.4 million in 31 markets for a total of $19.8 million after two weeks of release. It had a trio of openings in major markets, the largest of which came from France, where it placed second with $1.98 million on 311 screens. It also earned second place in the U.K. with $1.39 million on 378 screens. The film topped the chart in Mexico with $1,22 million on 671 screens.

Johnny English: Reborn slipped to fourth place with $8.58 million on 1,939 screens in 22 markets for a total $36.36 million after three weeks of release. The film debuted in first place in Spain with $1.94 million on 390 screens, which is a little lower than the original opened with. On the other hand, the film made $1.78 million on 276 screens over the weekend in Australia for a total of $8.38 million. This is already more than the original made in total.

Friends with Benefits landed in fifth place with $8.44 million on 3,184 screens in 54 markets for a total of $67.32 million, which is more than it made domestically. It reportedly cost $35 million to make, so depending on how much the global P&A budget was, it might have already reached profitability. It will probably have to wait till its initial push into the home market to break even.

Looking further down the list we find Fast Five in seventh place with $6.54 million on 422 screens in 4 markets. All but trace amounts coming from its opening in Japan, where it made $6.53 million on 412 screens. More importantly, the film topped $400 million internationally very early in the weekend and now has totals of $406.23 million internationally and $616.03 million worldwide.

Final Destination 5 fell to tenth place with $4.7 million on 2,392 screens in 49 markets over the weekend for a total of $106 million internationally. It did reach the century mark since last week, making it only the second film in the franchise to do so, while it is not too far behind The Final Destination's total of $119.3 million.


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