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DVD Sales: Smurfs Start the Final Stretch in Style

December 13th, 2011

We are in the final stretch for the Christmas shopping season, but there are still few more summer blockbusters coming out from now till Christmas week. This time around, there were half a dozen new releases on this week's DVD sales chart, led by The Smurfs with 491,000 units / $8.34 million. For a kids' film that sold more than $140 million in tickets, this is slow start. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 remained in second place, as it became only the third DVD of 2011 to crack 5 million units sold. This week it generated $6.31 million in sales from 442,000 units, giving it totals of 5.13 million units and $75.59 million. Bridesmaids held firm in third place with 304,000 units / $3.93 million for the week, giving it totals of 3.32 million units / $45.59 million after more than two months of release. Cars 2 fell from first to fourth with 273,000 units / $5.27 million giving it totals of 4.13 million units / $66.41 million after five. It became just the fourth DVD of the year to reach 4 million units. The only other new release in the top five was Friends with Benefits, which grabbed fifth place with 212,000 units / $3.60 million. That's not a bad start giving the current state of the DVD market.

There were a few more new releases to chart, starting with 30 Minutes or Less in ninth place with 138,000 units / $2.34 million. It disappointed at the box office, and it is doing the same on the home market. Smallville: Season Ten opened in tenth place, which is a fun coincidence. It sold 133,000 units during its first week on the home market, generating $4.92 million in sales. Our Idiot Brother could do no better than 16th place with 103,000 units / $1.54 million, while the final new release to chart was Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special in 19th place with 87,000 units / $691,000.


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