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Looking for Limited Releases

May 14th, 2010

Another short list this week with only three limited releases, one of which, The Trotsky, is opening in Canada. Sadly, it is unlikely any of them will find success during their theatrical runs, but perhaps the two that are earning positive reviews will find audiences on the home market.

Looking for Eric - Reviews
A British film about a postman who is separated from his wife and has lost the respect of his kids. Thanks to the help of a famous soccer player, he decides to try to reconnect with an old flame. Its reviews are excellent, but it might be too British to find a wide audience here. Looking for Eric opens in two theaters tonight, including the IFC Center in New York City.

Princess Kaiulani - Reviews
The widest release on this week's list, it is also earning the weakest reviews. It stars Q'Orianka Kilcher as the titular character. She is earning some praise for her performance, but too many critics are finding too many faults in nearly every other aspect of the movie. (There's not enough drama, it feels like a compressed mini-series, it can't stand out from other period pieces, etc.) Add in a theater count that is a little too high, and I am not bullish about the film's chances. Princess Kaiulani opens tonight in 33 theaters, a lot of which are in Hawaii, where the film is partially set.

The Trotsky - Reviews
Jay Baruchel stars in this Canadian movie about a high school student that thinks he is the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky and tries to lead a socialist revolution in his upscale private school. The reviews are strong, although some critics say the material may go over the heads of the target audience; after all, how many high school students are well versed in the history of the Russian Revolution? How many adults are, for that matter? The Trotsky opens tonight in many major cities in Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg) but since it is Canadian, most people will have to wait until the home market to see it.


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