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IMAX: Inception Intercepts $20 Million Domestically

August 4th, 2010

After reaching $20 million in worldwide IMAX revenue last week, Inception has reached $20 million domestically. Over the weekend it added $3.4 million for a running tally of $22 million. That wasn't the only news on the IMAX front, as Aftershocks, a Chinese film, opened in its native market the previous weekend with $640,000 on just 12 screens. This is being described as the the first mainstream commercial foreign film that has undergone the DMR process to allow it to be shown on IMAX screens. If this becomes common, it opens the IMAX world to the world cinema. Could this be the first step to making martial arts epics on IMAX a common sight? Or Bollywood musicals, perhaps? I look forward to finding out.



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