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DVD Sales: No Clash on Top

August 10th, 2010

A few new releases charted this week, but there was no contest over which film topped the chart. Clash of the Titans led the way with 913,000 units sold and $15.51 million in consumer spending at retail. This was more than five times the second place film. That second place film was Repo Men with 161,000 units / $2.90 million. The direct-to-DVD release and Pick of the Week, Batman: Under the Red Hood, opened with 148,000 units / $2.31 million. For this type of release and in this market, that's an excellent start. Cop Out fell from first to fourth with 139,000 units for the week and 450,000 units after two. Its total revenue of $7.57 million so far is about on par with expectations, given its theatrical release. Percy & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief rounded out the top five with 86,000 units / $1.29 million for the week and 1.45 million units / $27.68 million after a month of release.

The only other new release to chart was Jesse Stone: No Remorse, which placed ninth with 56,000 units / $860,000.

Blu-ray sales were up, or down. It depends on your point of view. Total sales were up just a hair shy of 50% from last week at $20.5 million. This was the best weekly sales for the format in more than a month. Also, compared to DVD, Blu-ray represented 13% of total sales and 26% of the top 20 comparison. This was the best performance for the format during the same six-week period. On the other hand, sales were down 34% from last year. However, Fast and Furious, the number one film from last year, sold nearly twice as many DVDs as this year's number one film did.

Looking at the individual leaders, Clash of the Titans led the way with close to 750,000 units sold, or 44% of total units. To put this in perspective, Fast and Furious sold nearly twice as many DVDs as Clash of the Titans did, but Titans sold nearly twice as many Blu-rays. This shows that the format is strong, even if the quality of the releases is weak. The second place release was Batman: Under the Red Hood with about 120,000 units.


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