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Movie Website Reviews for the Weekend of April 3rd, 2009

April 4th, 2009

This was a better than average week in terms of websites with only one movie not having a site, and only one site being below average. At the top, Adventureland's Official Site had all the usual feature, plus lots of extras, and did the best job of selling me on the movie.

Adventureland - Official Site
All the usual features are here (synopsis, bios, images, trailer). There are also sections for each of the eight main characters with blurbs about them, as well as images and clips. Finally, there's a side site with four games. At first I thought I sucked at Skeeball, then I learned I sucked even more at Beer Pong. (Or Root Beer Pong as they call it here. Likely has something to do with MPAA rules regarding advertising.) Add in the great music, and the fun style, and this is my favorite site of the week and the winner of the Carney Weekly Website Award.

Alien Trespass - Official Site
I like the look of this site, plus there is a lot of content here. Not only do they have all of the usual features (synopsis, bios, images, and trailer) plus several other video clips. This includes a couple of short interviews, and a faux-featurette on the movie, as well as a 'Breaking news' clip. There's even a side site with even more clips.

Bart Got a Room - No Official Site
Considering the cast of this limited release, I'm surprised there is no official site.

C Me Dance - Official Site
The synopsis is here, and there are plenty of images, but there are no bios. There is the trailer, but after watching it, that's not a selling point. If anything, it looks worse than the reviews. Overall the site doesn't have a very professional feel to it, then again, neither does the movie.

The Escapist - Official Site
A strong site with all of the usual features, plus a text based interview. There's also more sound and animation that limited release sites usually have, including multiple songs that can be selected for background music.

Fast and Furious - Official Site
A huge site loaded with video clips. This includes the trailers, a couple PSAs, nine clips from the movie, six featurettes, and a music video. There is also a top down 2-D racing game, which is one of the better website games I've played. Technically is a strong site, but it doesn't have as much personality as Adventureland's Official Site has, and because of that it just misses out on the award.

Gigantic - Official Site
The usual features are mostly here (there are just the cast and crew list) while extras are limited to a blog. But at least the blog is fairly active.

Paris 36 - Official Site
All the usual features are here, plus several clips. You can watch the clips on the media page, but some are also hidden on some of the other pages, which is an added bonus. Overall it is effective, but doesn't truly stand out.

The Song of Sparrows - Official Site
Most of the usual features are here (there are no bios and just a cast and crew list). There's more movement on the site than with most limited releases, and that adds to its effectiveness.

Sugar - Official Site
There's a problem with the cast and crew bios, as the last half of the list is nearly unreadable due to the background image, which looks like static. Besides that, the site is an effective, if a little on the small site.


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