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Per Theater Chart was Schooled

April 28th, 2009

Nursery University topped the Per Theater Chart, barely, with $11,307. Second place went to Obsessed, with $11,260, which is about 8 people per theaters behind the leader.

The rest of the new releases were well back of the $10,000 mark with Tyson being the closest with an average of in 11 theaters. Il Divo was relatively behind with an average of $6,934 in 2 theaters. Jazz in the Diamond District and Treeless Mountain had nearly identical results with $5,107 and $5,014 respectively. The Garden's Oscar nomination didn't help too much, as it managed just $4,114 in one theater. The Mutant Chronicles managed to top the Mendoza Line with $2,362, which is better than expected, as it has already been released on PPV. The Informers was not as lucky, as it earned just $315,000 in nearly 500 theaters for an average of $654. The Bride & The Grooms was even worse earning just $5,500 in 15 theaters for an average of $366.

There appears to have been no major milestones this past week. Hopefully there will be some limited releases that are able to take advantage of the summer blockbuster season and reach some level of mainstream success.


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