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Star Trek Soars Higher

May 12th, 2009

It was a good news / bad news type of weekend, but I think it is safe to say the good news outshone the bad news. Yes, the overall box office was down 5.5% from last weekend to $149 million, but that was just shy of 20% more than the same weekend last year. Year-to-date, 2009 has now amassed an impressive $3.44 billion compared to just $2.96 billion this time last year. That's an increase of 16% over last year, which is an unbelievable pace, one that I assume 2009 will not be able to keep up. However, each dollar earned now is one less dollar needed to be earned at the end of the year to keep pace with inflation.

Star Trek earned an impressive $75.20 million over the weekend, which is nearly perfectly in line with Friday's prediction, if you ignore the roughly $4 million the film earned during its Thursday evening showings. In total, the film made $79.20 million in four days, making it the fastest-opening Star Trek film ever. In fact, the movie made more than double the previous record-holder, First Contact, and more than the previous three Star Trek films opened with combined. This is good news, because Star Trek cost nearly as much as the previous three film cost to make as well. Looking forward, its reviews are amazing, and the film was able to top Sunday estimates by $3 million, which suggests better than expected legs. $200 million is possible at its point.

The same can't be said of Wolverine, which fell 68% to $26.41 million over the weekend and $129.30 million after two. $150 million should be easy to obtain, but $175 million might be out of the question; however, since the movie cost $150 million to make, it should make a profit by the time it hits the home market.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past remained strong over the weekend, and was down just 33% to $10.26 million over the past three days for a total of $30.05 million after ten. It looks like a solid mid-level hit at this point.

A solid mid-level hit is also the perfect way to describe Obsessed, which added $6.56 million over the weekend for a total of $56.21 million after three. Assuming it didn't cost an obscene amount to make, it should be well on its way to profitability.

17 Again was able to grab a spot in the top five for the fourth week in a row, adding $4.23 million to take its running tally to $53.99 million. Given its estimated production budget, and its early international run, it may have already earned back its costs for the studio.

Finally we get to Next Day Air, which missed lowered expectations with $4.11 million; however, that's enough to not be a complete bomb. Looking at its per theater average and its reviews, and I don't think it will last in theaters long.

Moving onto the sophomore class, we come to Battle for Terra. And honestly, I feel bad just talking about this movie. It fell 84% during its second weekend of release to earn a mere $174,000 for a two-week total of $1.52 million. The less said here, the better.


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