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DVD Sales - Torino Just as Grand on the Sales Chart

June 24th, 2009

The summer slump on the sales chart was not evident this week, even though there were not that many new releases to deal with. The number one film was Gran Torino, which sold an amazingly strong 2.61 million units for $42.94 million in consumer spending at retail during its opening week. It just missed the top ten for 2009, and it will undoubtedly climb the chart over the coming weeks. He's Just Not That Into You was miles behind with just 341,000 units sold during the week for totals of 1.38 million units and $23.36 million. The International opened in third place with 289,000 units / $4.92 million. Paul Blart - Mall Cop and Taken were close behind, selling 224,000 units and 222,000 units respectively. So far the former has made $47.05 million, while the latter has earned $62.98 million.

The best of the rest of the new releases was Fired Up!, which placed ninth with 123,000 units / $2.46 million, which is not bad considering its theatrical run. The Shield - The Complete Seventh Season opened in 15th place with 80,000 unit / $2.97 million, which is good for a TV on DVD release. Finally, Crossing Over opened in 24th place with 64,000 units / $895,000, which is excellent for a limited release.

Despite a very light selection of High Definition releases, Blu-ray sales hit $19.9 million, which was fifth-best weekly total of the year. Compared to last week, Blu-ray sales were up 24%, but compared to last year it was up 103%. This is the sixth time in seven weeks where Blu-ray sales were up by more than 100% compared to last year, and this is the ninth time in twelve weeks. Compared to DVD, Blu-ray represented 9.6% of total sales and 13% of the top 20 comparison. The best-selling title of the week was Gran Torino, which sold 425,000 units, more or less. This was nearly five times more than the second place Blu-ray, The International. However, The International had better sales percentage in high definition at 20% to 14%.


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