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DVD Rentals - Not a Fast Week for New Releases

August 13th, 2009

While there were five new releases to reach the top 30 on the rental chart this week, only one of them reached the top ten. That new release was Fast and Furious, which placed first with roughly two thirds more rentals than Watchmen. Coraline placed third with half as many rentals as the number one film, while A Haunting in Connecticut and Knowing rounded out the top five.

Streets of Blood opened in 11th place, which is strong for a direct-to-DVD release. The Killing Room doesn't come out for sale ill October, but you can rent it now and it opened in 15th place. Dragonball - Evolution opened in 24th place, which is way back of its performance on the sales chart, which shows it's a Fanboy movie without the Fanboys. Finally, Miss March opened in 30th place.

Total rentals climbed 6.0% to $169.9 million for the week, which was 1.3% higher than the same week last year. Overall the rental market seems solid compared to last year. Not a huge increase in rentals, but for the most part keeping ahead of 2008's pace.


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