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DVD Sales - Furious is Selling Fast

August 13th, 2009

On the one hand, there were a lot of new releases that charted this week. On the other hand, not a lot of them were particularly strong in terms of units sold. But that doesn't include Fast and Furious, which sold 1.72 million units and generated $27.90 million in consumer spending at retail. Watchmen and Coraline both saw their results plummet this week, but that had more to do with the Fanboy Effect than any sort of quality issues. Watchmen was down 72% to 347,000 units for the week and 1.58 million units in total while Coraline was down 70% to 309,000 units for the week and 1.35 million units in total. Battlestar Galactica - Season 4.5 opened in fourth place with 174,000 units / $5.53 million. Green Lantern - First Flight was close behind, at least in terms of units sold with 158,000, but in terms of dollars it was well back with $2.59 million.

Dragonball - Evolution opened in sixth place, but while it just missed the top five, it was well back, selling just 85,000 units and generating $1.28 million in sales. The Fast and the Furious - Franchise Collection opened in tenth place with 67,000 units / $2.79 million. Dollhouse - Season One just missed the top ten with 62,000 units / $1.83 million during its first week of release. Miss March was not far behind with 53,000 units and $796,000, while the final new release to chart was Torchwood - Children of Earth, which placed 24th with 42,000 units / $602,000.

Blu-ray sales remained stronger than expected. Granted, they were down 14% from last week to $30.3 million, that was still higher than the same week last year by 325%. In addition, compared to DVD, Blu-ray represented 14.5% of total sales and 18.5% of the top 20 comparison. The top-selling release was Fast and Furious with an estimated 400,000 units sold, which was about three times the sales of second place Watchmen.


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