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International Top Five - Glourious Debut for Basterds

August 26th, 2009

Inglourious Basterds made its debut on the international market taking first place with $27.49 million on 2650 screens in 22 markets. This includes first place openings in a number of major markets, led by France where it opened with $6.09 million on 500 screens; this is not really surprising as Quentin Tarantino is extremely popular in that market. The U.K. was close behind with $5.92 million on 444 screens, while it also topped the charts in Germany ($4.20 million on 439 screens) and in Australia ($2.56 million on 266). On the other hand, the film was stuck in second place in Russia, but still performed well with $2.55 million on 340 screens. So far the film is tracking well ahead of Kill Bill - Volume 1 and should become his biggest hit of all time topping Pulp Fiction.

G.I.Joe fell to second place with $13.24 million on 6522 screens in 51 markets giving it a total of $117.53 million internationally. Since last week, the film reached $100 million internationally and by this time next week, it will reach $250 million worldwide. In China, the film added an estimated $2 million on 1000 screens over the weekend for a total of $14 million after three. Meanwhile in South Korea, it added $1.50 million on 371 screens over the weekend for a total of $13.40 million, also after three. The next major market is Italy, but it doesn't open there for a few weeks.

G-Force shot into the top five with $9.84 million on 2996 screens in 34 markets for a total of $55.96 million after a month of release. Much of its growth was the result of the film's first place, $3.58 million opening on 481 screens in Russia. Up next for the film is Spain, where it opens at the beginning of next month, while it doesn't end its run till it opens in Japan of March of next year.

Up remained in fourth place down just 10% to $9.08 million on 2234 screens in 23 markets for a total of $144.78 million. The film's best market continued to be France where it added $2.9 million on 710 screens over the weekend for a total of $27.5 million after four. It was also in second place in Spain with $1.59 million on 550 screens over the weekend for a total of $25.08 million, also after four. In France the film is within striking distance of WALL-E's final in that market, while in Spain it has blown past that film's total by just over $10 million.

Rounding out the top five was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with $8.66 million on 5992 screens in 61 markets for a total of $600.27 million internationally and $890.51 million worldwide. It became only the tenth film to reach $600 million internationally, while by this time next week it should be only the 12th film to hit $900 million worldwide. The film opens in Greece this week, but besides that, it is coasting on holdovers, and has been for a while.


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