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Featured DVD Review - Kyle XY - Season Three

December 21st, 2009

Kyle XY - Season Three - Buy from Amazon

When Kyle XY premiered on ABC Family in 2006 it had considerable buzz, which helped it become the highest rated show for the network. A show about a mysterious boy with special powers certainly had a great hook and for two years it ruled the ratings on ABC Family. However, by the end, The Secret Life of the American Teenager had taken its number one ranking and it had lost nearly half its audience, so as upset as fans might be, it comes as no real surprise that the third season was its last. The only real question is whether or not the show goes out on a high note and if the three-disc DVD is worth renting or buying.

First, a brief summary on the show so far. In the pilot we meet Kyle (Matt Dallas) waking up naked in the woods with no memory of who he is or how he got there. He is taken in by the Tragers (Nicole and Stephen, plus their two kids, Josh and Lori) and he's not exactly a welcome guest, as his odd behavior messes with their domestic bliss. Odd behavior is putting it mildly, as in the beginning he is unable to speak, but in an afternoon is able to understand university level math. He has amazing hearing, and by that I mean he can hear people talk next door and understand what they are say. Other abilities follow, like telekinesis. And oh yeah, he has no belly button. Part of the show is dealing with the mysteries of who he is and learning how to use his powers, while part of the show is him dealing with family life and getting used to the normal human interactions, including getting a girlfriend, Amanda.

Season two introduces another like Kyle, but this time it's a girl, Jessie. While Kyle's first interactions with people after waking up was with Nicole, who was kind to him, Jessie first interactions were with a trio of hunters, whose first thought upon seeing a naked woman in the woods was, "Let's ply her with alcohol and have fun with her." This ended poorly for them and set her personality as the polar opposite of Kyle; while Kyle wanted to "Live by the truth" she was more willing to do what it takes to survive. But throughout season two, with the help of Kyle and the Tragers, she becomes a close ally of Kyle. Too close for Amanda's liking... which brings us to season three.

Be warned, there are spoilers ahead. I will try to keep them to a minimum, but if you want to remain spoiler-free, then click here

Season three starts at the end of season two, namely at the end of prom, which went well for most of the cast, even if there were some hiccups. (One relationships ended, another went to the next level, etc.) But for Amanda it ended on a decidedly dangerous note, as she was kidnapped by a mysterious man, Michael Cassidy, who is working for a group called Latnok, which we learned in season two were responsible for the creation of Kyle and Jessie. We also learned that their intentions were less than noble. Amanda was kidnapped to draw Kyle to Latnok, which sets up is the main conflict of this season, as Cassidy continues to try to get Kyle back to the Latnok fold. However, as always, there are more personal ones as well, such as the disintegration of the relationship between Amanda and Kyle, which is in part created by Jessi getting too close to Kyle for Amanda's liking.

Overall season three works, for the most part, but because the series was canceled without enough warning, it ends in a really unsatisfying way. (Cliffhangers are great for keeping people excited for the next season, not so great when it is the last season.) This is how a lot of shows end, so you can't really take points off because of that. Additionally, the extras actually discuss where the show would have gone, so that helps a lot as well. If you like the previous two seasons, I see no reason that you will not enjoy this one as well.

(On a side note, I thought that some of the narration felt a little clumsy, but that would be the only major complaint for season three.)

Extras start with an audio commentary track on Life Support with two of the executive producers, David Himelfarb and Eric Tuchman. A good balance of information and energy, although it leans towards the former. There is also an audio commentary track on Bringing Down the House, which turned out to be the series finale. This time David Himelfarb is joined by another executive producer, Julie Plec and they talk about where the show had been and where it would have gone in the future, had it survived. Kyle XY - Future Revealed is a twelve-and-a-half minute long look at what would have happened in season four. Finally, there are a dozen deleted scenes, with optional audio commentary with David Himelfarb and Eric Tuchman. A solid set of extras, and enough to add solid replay value to the DVD.

For Kyle XY, Season Three turned out to be the final season. This is a shame, as it is clear the show could have continued for quite some time. At least fans of the show will be able to complete their DVD collection this week and this three-disc set is worth picking up.

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