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International Top of the Chart - Avatar Propels Fox Northward

December 30th, 2009

Avatar saw growth during its second weekend of release, pulling in $152.8 million on 14,686 screens in 108 markets for a total of $413.2 million internationally and $625.9 million worldwide. The film is already in the top 50 on the all time worldwide chart after just 12 days of release, and by this time next week it could be in the top 20. Its only major debut took place in Japan where it opened with $14.5 million on 749 screens, which was the fourth best debut for Fox in that market. (Only the three Star Wars prequels earned better results during their opening weekends in that market.) However, while that was impressive, it wasn't the film's best single market. That honor goes to France where it added $21.8 million on 1,114 screens over the weekend for a total of $51.7 million after two. The film also topped $10 million over the weekend in Russia ($13.6 million on 1,329); Germany ($12.8 million on 1,138 screens); and Spain ($12.5 million on 800). It now has $44.2 million, $34.2 million, and $28.8 million in those three markets respectively with plenty of upside to go.

Other major markets for the film include South Korea, where it added $6.5 million on 735 screens to take its running tally to $23.4 million. The U.K. was close behind with $6.1 million on 496 screens for a total of $28.4 million, but that is comparatively weak given its performance elsewhere. In Mexico it made $5.6 million on 1,478 screens over the weekend for a total of $15.1 million, while in Brazil it added $5.3 million on 654 screens for a total of $13.9 million.

The film is doing so well that it might help Fox overtake Warner Bros. as the global box office champ. Right now both are on pace to top $4 billion, but the final victor is still too close to call.

We will get to the rest of the multi-million dollar films over the weekend, after the final numbers are released, while things will return to normal next week. Hopefully.


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