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DVD Rentals - Going to War

January 14th, 2008

New releases were few and far between on the rental chart this week, but War did top the charts with $11.78 million. Rush Hour 3 earned $11.14 million in rentals this week for a total of $29.33 million after three while The Kingdom was just behind with $10.48 million for the week and $27.26 million in total. The Simpsons Movie placed fourth with $8.68 million in rentals giving it a total of $32.15 million. Rounding out the top five was Resident Evil: Extinction, which placed first on the sales chart. Over the week it brought in $8.31 million in rentals, which is lower than expected given its theatrical run.

The best of the rest was Shoot 'Em Up, which placed eighth with $7.68 million. Adding in the $5.07 million in sales and the film made almost as much during one week on the home market as it did in total during its theatrical run. The only other new release to chart was September Dawn with $1.68 million for a 28th place opening. This was more money than it made during its short theatrical run.


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