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Movie Website Reviews for Weekend of March 21, 2008

March 22nd, 2008

Slow week for top-notch websites with only one film that was even in contention for the Weekly Website Award. Fortunately, Drillbit Taylor - Official Site is such a good site it could have won if it was a busy week.

Boarding Gate - Official Site
Just a re-direct to the distributor's site. Here surfers will find not a lot of information, and no flash.

Drillbit Taylor - Official Site
One of the best site in a while, it has all of the features a site should have. It has the regular features: synopsis, production notes, cast & crew bios, image gallery, and trailer. It also has common extras like character bios and video clips. But it also unique extras that were made specifically for the site that featuring the three kids talking about the High School Survival Guide. Wade, Ryan, and Emmitt talk about how to avoid being picked on by bullies, how to use camouflage to avoid detection, how to talk a punch, how to talk to girls (they offer theoretical advice only). I love it when they make features specifically for the site. Giving us clips from the movie is good, I like that, thanks. But going out of your way to record footage for the site, especially this much footage, it very impressive and will nearly guarantee that the site will win the Warding Weekly Website Award.

The Grand - Official Site
Look at that cast list. Wow. This movie is certainly aimed at the people who are endlessly fascinated with watching poker on TV. (The trailer certainly piqued my interest.) There are also a few video clips, but nothing too special.

The Hammer - Official Site
All of the usual features are here, but nothing extra. There's just enough animation in the transition to avoid feeling boring, but that's it.

Irina Palm - Official Site
First of all, this is a movie about a sex shop, and the site doesn't shy away from that fact, so be warned. This is just a simply site with just the basics and little in the way of flash. Its does have some background music that adds to the mood, but sadly it is louder than the trailer so you have to adjust your volume.

Kenny - Official Site
This is the site for the film's original Australian release, which means it has no details on its North American release. Extras on the site include character bios, toilet trivia, and several Q&A videos featuring the titular character. The trailer is surprisingly effective and overall the site sells the movie very well.

Love Songs - No Official Site
Nothing to review.

Meet the Browns - Official Site
For a wide release, this is a pretty basic site. I guess they assume the film has a build in fanbase that doesn't need to be sold while it will be nearly impossible to sell anyone else on the film. (Having the only clip on the site, outside of the trailer, focusing on Medea is further evidence of this.) Using the site you can send an e-card or get a call from Tyler Perry, but there's nothing here that really makes it stand out.

Planet B-Boy - Official Site
This site has a lot more style than most documentary sites have, including the subway style for the menu. It also has a couple of video clips as extras. The Run DMZ video clip is much, much longer than most you will find on movie sites. Certainly sells the movie very well and show that the best dancers in this style could easily become Olympic caliber gymnasts.

Shelter - Official Site
MySpace. Moving on.

Shutter - Official Site
I hate it when movie sites try and convince you the supernatural aspect of the film is real. They spend too much time on Spirit Photos and didn't even bother putting in cast & crew bios. Very disappointing.

Under the Same Moon - Official Site
Typical Fox Searchlight site. Great content is diminished by the style, which is not only repetitive, but wasn't that effective the first time they used it. There are a huge amount of video clips here, and if the style was more unique, it could have been am award contender.


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