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DVD Rentals - Building on a Legend

April 7th, 2008

There were only two new releases to chart this week while I Am Legend repeated on top with $9.08 million in rentals for the week and $20.08 million in total. The Mist placed second with $8.20 million in rentals, which was relatively better than it did on the sales chart. No Country for Old Men added $7.48 million to its running tally of $26.84 million. Enchanted was right behind with $7.04 million for the week and $15.56 million in total, just ahead of Bee Movie and its weekly take of $6.10 million. However, the later film has made $22.58 million in total.

There was only one other new release to chart, The Kite Runner, as the film pulled in $4.94 million during its first week of release.


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