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DVD Sales - New Releases are Lost in a Fog

April 7th, 2008

New releases didn't have a major impact on the DVD sales chart this week and that helped I Am Legend remain in top spot with 803,000 units sold for revenue of $15.32 million for the week. Its total sales have reached $81.71 million from 4.36 million units making it the best-selling DVD of the year so far. Next up was Enchanted with 493,000 units for the week and total sales of 3.31 million units and $52.23 million. The Mist was the best of the new releases with a third place, 481,000 unit, opening week run while its $12.01 million in revenue is nearly half of what it made in total in theaters. Bee Movie was down nearly 80% this week to 256,000 units while it total rose to $54.84 million from 3.38 million units. No Country for Old Men remained in fifth place, selling 178,000 additional units for the week for a total of 1.96 million units / $33.89 million.

There were only two other new release to chart this week led by The Kite Runner in seventh place with 108,000 units for $1.84 million, which is a strong start for a limited release. Finally, WWE - Triple H - King of Kings opened in 17th place with 42,000 units and $802,000.

Finally we move onto the format war, which had Blu-ray winning with 84% of the sales, which is more or less unimportant now. However, we have some Blu-ray vs. DVD numbers... almost. The top 20 DVD selling titles and the top 20 Blu-ray selling titles are being compared and DVD won with 92% of the sales. However, this is a drop of 2 percentage points from last week, so Blu-ray is doing better. Two things are clear. One, Blu-ray is growing and has been growing substantially after the demise of HD DVD. Two, it has a long way to go before overtaking DVD.


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