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International Top Five - 21 is Number One

April 23rd, 2008

During its second weekend of release, 21 climbed into first place with $10.02 million on 1,731 screens in 21 markets for a total of $21.17 million after two. This includes a first place, $2.22 million opening on 277 screens in Russia, and a third place, $1.14 million opening on 247 screens in Italy. Meanwhile, it was able to remain in first place in the U.K. with $2.01 million on 356 screens over the weekend and $6.77 million in total and it also earned a second first place placing in Spain with $1.44 million on 255 screens over the weekend for a total of $3.77 million. This might be the last time 21 will top the charts, as the rest of its release dates are more spread out, while the summer blockbusters are just around the corner.

Early estimates had Horton Hears A Who coming out on top for the forth weekend in a row, but the final figures have the film settling for second place. The film opened in second place in Italy with $1.40 million on 463 screens, but this was a disappointing start. On the other hand, it remained in third place in France with $2.73 million on 690 screens for a total of $10.82 million after three weeks of release. Overall, Horton Hears A Who managed $9.47 million on 5567 screens in 40 markets, while its running tally reached $118.86 million internationally. It should top its domestic total, or at least come very close, while $300 million worldwide is the last major milestone the film is aiming at.

Street Kings made its first major push into the international charts but only managed third place with $8.82 million on 2,461 screens in 37 markets for a very early total of $10.51 million. Good news, it did top the charts in Mexico, but it only made $754,000 on 319 screens. It also opened well in Australia with $1.45 million on 222 screens, which was enough for second place. It was less strong in the U.K. ($1.23 million on 353 screens over the weekend) and in Germany ($962,000 on 309 screens). In both of those markets it managed just fourth place. The film opens in Spain this weekend, but won't open in many other major markets until later in the summer when the worldwide blockbusters calm down and the competition is not as fierce.

Step Up 2 The Streets remains surprisingly strong. It climbed to fourth place with $5.72 million on 1,716 screens in 22 markets for a total of $76.87 million. It opened in first place in Italy with $2.24 million on 308 screens, which also gave it the best per theater average there. Step Up 2 The Streets has yet to open in Spain, and some other smaller markets, and it could reach $100 million at the international box office. If it does, I would have a hard time believing the franchise won't grow to a trilogy.

The Spiderwick Chronicles climbed back into the top five with $5.68 million on 2,877 screens in 48 markets for a total of $74.25 million internationally. Its big opening this week came from France where it placed fourth with $2.43 million on 457 screens. Depending on how well it hangs on here and how well it does in Japan this coming weekend, it could reach $100 million internationally to go with its $70 million domestic total.


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