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DVD Sales - Indy Re-Finds Treasure

May 28th, 2008

It is very rare for a box set to come out on top of the DVD sales chart, and it's even rarer for a double-dip to top the charts, but that's exactly what happened this week. Indiana Jones - The Adventure Collection led all new releases to finish on top of weekly sales chart with 510,000 units sold for $20.15 million in revenue (which is actually low for a number one release). Untraceable placed second with 467,000 units for sales of $9.30 million, which was barely ahead of Mad Money, at least in terms of units sold. That film only managed to pull in $7.00 million over its first week on the home market, but that came from 439,000 units. Strangely, The Great Debaters placed fourth in terms of units with 432,000, but it was second in terms of revenue with $9.71 million. The only holdover in the top five was 27 Dresses, which fell 40% to 266,000 units sold and $4.10 million for the week while its running tallies rose to 1.82 million units / $29.23 million.

There were a number of other new releases to chart this week, but most were not exactly new. All three Indiana Jones films placed on the charts with Raiders of the Lost Ark in seventh with 241,000 units / $4.12 million, while The Last Crusade placed tenth with 178,000 / $3.07 million and The Temple of Doom placed eleventh with 164,000 / $2.84 million. Two and a Half Men was the only other new release to chart with $2.42 million in sales from 71,000 units, while The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe returned to the charts one spot lower in 18th thanks to the release of Prince Caspian.

Speaking of Blu-ray, sales were up for the week by nearly 22%, but again it remained at 5% in the 20 / 20 comparison. As expected, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe was the best selling Blu-ray title of the week, selling nearly 50% more than Untraceable.


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