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International Top of the Charts - Crystal Skull Leads the Weekend and the Year

June 4th, 2008

After just its second weekend of release, Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has become the biggest hit on the international marketplace this year topping Iron Man's month-long total. It did see its weekend haul sliced in half, but it still earned a very impressive $71.37 million on 8411 screens in 56 markets for a total of $266.65 million internationally while its worldwide total reached $482.29 million after Sunday. While it is impossibly to confirm 100% without internal studio documents, it is very likely that given the information we have, the film has already shown a small profit. Additionally, it could still earn close $100 million more domestically and $200 million internationally ob top of these already impressive numbers.

The film only had one opening this week, as it debuted in first place in India with a reported $1 million on 275 screens. Its best holdover market of the weekend was the U.K. were it pulled in $10.87 million on 540 screens for a total of $54.19 million, however, it was pushed into second place by the opening of Sex and the City. It was also pushed into second place by that film in Germany where it was down 64% to $4.33 million on 854 screens for a total of $18.19 million.

On the plus side, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull remained in first place in nearly every other major market including France where it earned $8.59 million on 803 screens for a total of $24.93 million. In Spain it added $4.06 million on 728 screens over the weekend and $20.72 million after two. Australia added $5.51 million on 532 screens over the weekend and now has $17.33 million in total, while South Korea offered up a nearly identical weekend take of $5.42 million on 735 screens and has generate $18.88 million so far. In Italy the film earned $3.22 million on 656 screens during its second weekend of release and now has $11.47 million. Meanwhile, in Mexico The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull brought in $2.08 million on 416 screens for a total of $7.93 million; however, that is significantly off Iron Man's pace in that market, making it one of the few markets where that is the case.

At this pace, the film should earn $400 million internationally and $700 million worldwide, maybe more if it is a bigger than expected hit in Japan, which would make it one of the 30 biggest hits of all-time. It's hard to imagine the franchise will end here.

Meanwhile, Sex and the City made its international debut in just over a dozen markets, but we will get to that film, and the rest of the $1 million performers, on Sunday.


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