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DVD Sales - Office Works its Way to the Top

September 14th, 2008

New releases dominated the sales chart this week. More specifically, TV on DVD releases, which accounted for five of the seven new releases that charted. This includes The Office - Season Four, which opened in first place with 435,000 units sold and $13.47 million in retail spending. The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning was pushed into second place with a still impressive weekly total of 374,000 units and $7.47 million, which lifted its totals to 1.44 million units and $24.59 million. What Happens in Vegas... landed in third place with 230,000 / $4.80 million for the week and 790,000 / $16.63 million after two. Meanwhile, Heroes - Season Two slipped to fourth place with 145,000 units for the week and 573,000 in total, and thanks to its TV on DVD pricing, it has already pulled in $14.30 million in revenue. Rounding out the top five was The Nightmare Before Christmas with 135,000 units, and sales revenue of $3.42 million. Since its Special Edition was released, the film has sold 453,000 units and made $13.60 million.

The next best new release was Supernatural - Season Three, which opened in sixth place with 109,000 units, although its $4.26 million in sales would give it fourth place for the week. Fellow TV on DVD release, Desperate Housewives - Season Four was next with 67,000 units and $2.62 million. Two direct-to-DVD titles were next with The Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow earning 10th place with 64,000 / $965,000 while Bait Shop's DVD placed 11th with 64,000 units / $1.09 million. Further down the list in 17th place we find Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey's Storybook Surprises with sales of $744,000 from 50,000 units, and the final new release to chart was The Big Bang Theory - The Complete First Season, which opened in 25th place with 40,000 units and $754,000.

Incredibly, Blu-ray sales saw massive growth again, up 16% to $10.6 million, which was 8.7% of total home market sales, and 12% of the Top Twenty comparison. The raw number was the best since National Treasure - Book of Secrets was a major player on the charts, while the percentages were the best we've seen since records have been kept (which is April). Transformers was the best of the Blu-ray sellers, as the title managed to sell 129,000 units and generate $3.25 million, which would have been enough for sixth place on the charts. Throw in its DVD sales, and it is in the top five. That's impressive for a catalogue release.


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