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King of the Per Theater Chart

October 22nd, 2008

The Elephant King topped the per theater chart with $15,959, which was earned in just one theater. Second place went to Happy-Go-Lucky with an average of $11,994, which is more impressive when you take into account that it more than doubled its theater count. One last note, Frontrunners made $6,888 in one theater over the weekend, but it has made $10,011 since Wednesday.

There was a sharp drop-off from the $10,000 club to the rest of the new releases with What Just Happened coming in at just $200,000 in 26 theaters for an average of $5,347. While this is not a bad start, I can't imagine there are a lot of theater owners itching to book this movie when it expands wide on the 31st. Likewise, Filth and Wisdom earned just $4,597 in one theater, which is mediocre and doesn't suggest a potential to expand. Who Does She Think She Is? struggled with $3,081 in one theater. The widest limited release of the week, Morning Light, wasn't the biggest hit, as it earned $130,000 in 55 theaters for an average of $2,351. Tru Loved flopped with an average of just $839 in 2 theaters.

There was only one major milestone its weekend as Rachel Getting Married reached $1 million just before the weekend, and then it had its best weekend of its run so far. However, there were two or three films that came very, very close, so we expect to have more milestones to report next week.


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