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DVD Sales - Panda Fights its Way to the Top

November 26th, 2008

The number of new releases reached double digits on the sales chart this week, if you include Kung Fu Panda, which got a two-day jump on sales last week. This week it took first place with 3.76 million units sold and $63.91 million in revenue for totals of 4.54 million and $77.42 million. Hellboy II - The Golden Army earned second place with a still impressive opening of 1.38 million units sold and $28.68 million in revenue. Star Wars - The Clone Wars was well back in third place with opening week sales of 539,000 units and $10.93 million while This Christmas was relatively close behind with 408,000 units / $8.26 million. The only holdover in the top five was Get Smart, which added 395,000 units and $7.40 million this week for totals of $1.26 million units and $23.90 million after two.

While there were plenty of other new releases to chart, none were in the top ten. The best of the rest was Katt Williams - It's Pimpin' Pimpin', which landed in 12th place with 152,000 units sold and $2.29 million in revenue. Beer for My Horses was right behind with 150,000 units sold, but thanks to a higher list price it generated $3.00 million in revenue. There was a duet of Christmas releases next with Radio City Christmas Spectacular Starring the Rockettes placing 15th with 134,000 units and $1.21 million and The Perfect Holiday placing 16th with 107,000 units and $2.15 million. Further down the list we find Scrubs - Season Seven in 18th place with opening week sales of 99,000 units / $1.97 million. Finally we get to Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage in 21st place with 86,000 units and $1.29 million.

Thanks to two prime movers coming out this week, Blu-ray sales skyrocketed by than 83% to $20.2 million for the week. This is the second best weekly performance for the format ever. As for the DVD comparisons, it sold 10.4% of the total market and 9% of the top twenty comparison and both of those were improvements over the past two weeks. We don't have estimates on sales numbers, but Hellboy II - The Golden Army reportedly outsold Kung Fu Panda by about 40%


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