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President's Day Delay

February 19th, 2007

It's President's Day today and that can only mean one thing, millions of Americans are celebrating by cutting down cherry trees and lying about it. I think. Truth be told, I'm not exactly sure what people do to celebrate President's Day. But I do know it will cause a slight delay in a couple of weekly columns. For instance, the weekend wrap-up and the per theatre charts will both be pushed back one day while the DVD Release column will be a bit late. It might still be published late today, but it might not come out till sometime after midnight. In the meantime, here are the studio estimates for the weekend numbers...

  1. Ghost Rider: $44.5 million / $51.5 million
  2. Bridge to Terabithia: $22.1 million / $29.0 million
  3. Norbit: $16.8 million / $20.7 million
  4. Music and Lyrics: $14.0 million / $16.0 million
  5. Daddy's Little Girls: $12.1 million / $14.3 million
  6. Breach: $10.4 million / $12.3 million
  7. Hannibal Rising: $5.5 million / $6.5 million
  8. Because I Said So: $5.0 million / $6.0 million
  9. The Messengers: $3.8 million / $4.4 million
  10. Night at the Museum: $3.7 million / $4.7 million


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