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Babel is Top Rental, but is Flushed Away on Sales Chart

March 3rd, 2007

New releases dominated the top five including taking the number one spot with Babel. Babel opened with $8.73 million, just a fraction ahead of last week's winner, The Departed, which pulled in $8.58 million during its second week of release. The next two films were both new releases as The Prestige finish third with $7.96 million and Man of the Year came in fourth with $6.87 million. Flags of Our Fathers may have been pushed from second to fifth, but it was down just 14% to $5.44 million and its three-week total of $19.44 is a strong run so far.

The best of the rest was Flushed Away as the DVD could do no better than seventh place with $3.27 million. Fortunately for everyone involved, the film did much, much better on the sales chart. There were a pair of new releases in 26th and 27th places as A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints topped Crossover $1.65 million to $1.56 million. For Crossover, this was a sad end to a sad run while A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints performed amazingly for a limited release.

Flushed Away took the lead on the sales chart with nearly as many units sold as The Departed and The Prestige combined. Man of the Year placed fourth, just ahead of Babel. It seems the Oscar nods helped convince a lot of people to give the film a chance on the home market, but zero extras limited the appeal to a rental.

The only other new release to chart was Crossover, which just missed the top ten finishing in 11th place.


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