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International Details - Taxi Still Picking Up Plenty of Passengers

March 25th, 2007

The French film, Taxi 4, just missed the top five with $3.94 million on 1255 screens in 7 markets for a total of $49.56 million. Obviously, most of that has come from France, $35.70 million in fact, but the film is also doing well in Russia with $10.63 million so far, including $2.22 million on 466 screens over the weekend.

  • Epic Movie shot up into seventh place with $3.67 million on 1026 screens in 9 markets for a running tally of $24.24 million. This includes a first place, $1.35 million opening on 496 screens in Mexico while the film added $1.09 million on 300 screens during its second weekend in Spain for a total of $3.12 million.
  • Wild Hogs climbed into eighth place with $3.43 million on 523 screens in 4 markets for a total of $7.30 million after just two weeks of release. The film's biggest opening of the weekend was in Russia where it grabbed 4th place with $923,000 on 195 screens while it scored first place in the Ukraine with $231,000 on 48. Its biggest market overall was Australia where it remained in second place with $2.07 million on 291 screens for a total of $5.68 million.
  • Ho Voglia Di Te remained in first place in Italy with $3.34 million on 573 screens, which was enough for ninth place internationally.
  • Unfair: The Movie opened in second place in Japan with $3.17 million on 260 screens.
  • Doraemon: Nobita's Great Adventure Into The Underworld fell to third place in its native Japan and 11th place internationally with $3.06 million on 331 screens over the weekend and $8.95 million in total.
  • La Vie En Rose fell out of the top ten, but still managed $2.96 million on 1015 screens in 7 markets for a total of $41.07 million. The film is still in second place in France adding $2.40 million on 703 screens to its total of $36.54 million in that one market.
  • Hot Fuzz remained in lucky number 13th place with $2.87 million on 661 screens in 3 markets for a total of $39.02 million. This includes a second place, $1.04 million opening on 186 screens in Australia giving the film $1.34 million there, including previews, while it also grabbed second spot in neighboring New Zealand with $193,000 on 41 screens. Both of these were good starts, but not up to the same level as the film's run in the U.K. Speaking of which, the film slipped a spot to third place in its native market with $1.34 million on 432 screens for a total of $37.52 million.
  • Lubov Morkov saw its weekend haul sliced in half with $2.76 million on 492 screens in 4 markets for a total of $10.29 million. Of that total, $9.54 million has come from its native Russia, including $2.59 million on 427 screens over the weekend.
  • Aided by a first place opening in Spain, Hannibal Rising climbed into 15th place with $2.71 million on 1374 screens in 25 markets for a total of $41.58 million. In that market it scored $1.72 million on 325 screens while it had to settle for third place in Hong Kong with $200,000 on 21 screens.
  • Curse Of The Golden Flower returned to charts almost entirely due to its number one debut in France. There is was able to earn $2.42 million on 274 screens while in total if made $2.48 million on 349 screens. So far the film has made $52.96 million, more than $40 million of that coming from China.
  • Bridge to Terabithia climbed a couple of spots to 17th place with $2.28 million on 1261 screens in 17 markets for a total of $13.33 million. The film had no major openings this weekend, but was aided by a number of midlevel and smaller openings. The film's next major opening comes this week when it debuts in France while it doesn't open in the U.K. till May.
  • Neues Vom Wixxer opened in first place in Germany with $2.27 million on 600 screens over the weekend.
  • Happy Feet opened in fourth place in Japan with $2.08 million on 499 screens, significantly below the $5000 per screen average that usually separates the winners from the losers. Add in the 20 holdover markets and the film pulled in $2.23 million on 871 screens in 21 markets for a total of $174.78 million.
  • The Pursuit Of Happyness plummeted to 20th place with $2.08 million on 1683 screens in 51 markets for a total of $137.19 million. The film was able to cross $300 million worldwide making it the seventh film is Will Smith's career to reach that mark, and the fourth in a row.
  • The Lives of Others added $2.01 million on 553 screens in 15 markets to its total of $32.11 million internationally.
  • Premonition started its international with $1.98 million on 357 screens in the U.K. That was enough for second place in the market and 22nd place internationally.
  • Counter Investigation slipped a spot to fourth in France with $1.80 million on 369 screens for a two-week total of $4.45 million. Overall it earned $1.78 million on 382 screens in 3 markets for a total of $4.50 million.
  • Il 7 E L'8 opened in third place in its native Italy with $1.76 million on 298 screens, which was enough for 24th place internationally.
  • The Good Shepherd opened in sixth place in Mexico with $344,000 on 137 screens over the weekend. In total it made $1.72 million on 910 screens in 23 markets for a total of $17.47 million.
  • The Blood Diamond crossed $100 million over the weekend thanks to its weekend haul of $1.59 million on 1327 screens in 37 markets for a total of $100.54 million.
  • The Illusionist surpassed its domestic total on the international box office by making $1.51 million on 627 screens in 8 markets for a total of $40.69 million on the international scene.
  • The Painted Veil remained in 28th place with $1.51 million on 601 screens in 13 markets for an international total of $5.46 million.
  • Dreamgirls had one of the worst week-to-week drop-offs this week plummeting from 10th place to 29th. Over the weekend the film made $1.50 million on 1202 screens in 46 markets and now has $47.33 million internationally.
  • Déjà vu returned to the charts, barely, placing 30th with $1.45 million on 440 screens in 11 markets for a total of $107.54 million. Almost all of that total came from Japan where the film placed fifth with $1.36 million on 306 screens, but given the film's per screen average, it won't last there long.
  • Stomp the Yard opened in its first major market but it was a disaster earning just $372,000 on 150 screens in the U.K. Overall the movie has made just $735,000 internationally, and won't come close to its domestic total of $61.36 million.
  • It was announced that The Devil Wears Prada made it to $200 million internationally over the weekend, but no details were given.


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