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International Details - Slow Week Outside of Spider-Man

May 20th, 2007

The competition is still being pushed down by Spider-Man 3 and although there were half a dozen new releases to chart this week, it was still impossible to fill out a top 30 chart with any real details. For instance, Next had no major openings and its best midlevel was a second place debut in Malaysia with $115,000 on 30 screens. However, it was still able to remain in sixth place with $2.45 million on 1347 screens in 19 markets while its running total has grown to $18.94 million.

  • Unstoppable Marriage opened in second place in South Korea behind Spider-Man 3, but still had an impressive debutof $2.40 million on 300 screens over the weekend and a total of $2.75 million.
  • Shooter fell a spot to eighth with $2.13 million on 1520 screens in 49 markets for a total of $38.91 million. The film had no major openings but did earn second place in Turkey with $92,000 on 55 screens while it had to settle for seventh in Poland with $98,000 on 45.
  • Meanwhile, Bridge to Terabithia landed in ninth place with $1.99 million on 769 screens in 13 markets for a total $35.58 million, which is even more impressive since the film had no major or even midlevel openings. It was able to hold on so well thanks to a very impressive it its hold in the U.K. down just 21% to $1.64 million on 411 screens over the weekend for a total of $5.37 million in total. The film's next major opening doesn't come till mid-June when it debuts in Australia, but it has already had a decent run given its target audience.
  • The Hills Have Eyes returned to the charts in 10th place with $1.68 million on 662 screens in 8 markets for a total of $9.34 million. The film's best opening came in Spain where it placed $535,000 on 249 screens, however, if a horror film can't do better than this in Spain, it is in real trouble. Speaking of trouble, the film only managed seventh place in Italy with $276,000 on 158 screens.
  • Blades of Glory also returned to the charts, but just missed the top ten with $1.64 million on 905 screens in 17 markets for a total of $12.85 million so far. The film had a trio of noteworthy openings this weekend placing with the film's biggest opening coming in Germany where it scored fifth place with $425,000 on 252 screens. On the other hand, the film opened one place higher in Mexico with $236,000 on 193 screens. On the low end was Holland where in earned $101,000 on 36 screens, but that includes midweek numbers.
  • Post holidays led to a 57% drop-off for Gegege No Kitaro, but it still maintained second place in Japan with $1.50 million on 320 screens for a total of $14.51 million.
  • For Those We Love was very, very close behind, opening with $1.49 million on 302 screens. This gave it third place in Japan and 13th overall.
  • Perfect Stranger's international run is almost over as it fell from 8th to 14th place with $1.29 million on 1503 screens in 47 markets for a total of $37.14 million. The film has yet to open in a few midlevel markets, but nothing will save its run now.
  • The Invisible started its international run in earnest this week, placing 15th with $1.22 million on 670 screens in 4 markets for a very early international total of $2.07 million. The film opened reasonably well in Mexico earning second place with $398,000 on 200 screens, but bombed in Germany with just $296,000 on 254 screens. So far its best market is Russia where it has earned $1.23 million in total, but weekend numbers were not available.
  • The Reaping added $1.18 million on 1002 screens in 34 markets to its international total of $33.02 million. Its biggest and best new market of the week was Poland where it topped a long list of new releases; however, it was only able to earn third place with $146,000 on 46 screens over the weekend and $175,000 in total. The film has yet to open in Japan, but even when it does, I have a hard time seeing it turning its financial situation around.
  • The Lives of Others continues to hold on well, down 22% to $1.15 million on 615 screens in 14 markets for a total of $52.54 million.
  • Bizan: The Mountain of Mother's Love was the third Japanese film to chart this week opening with $1.14 million on 291 screens. That gave it fourth place in its native market and 18th place overall.
  • Georgia Rule started its international run with similar results as it earned domestically. The film's best market was Russia where it managed to open in third place in Russia with $467,000 on 150 screens while it biggest market was Australia where it placed fourth with $547,000 on 169 screens. Add it up and the film made $1.01 million on 319 screens in 2 markets during its opening weekend on the international scene.
  • Also starting its international run this past weekend was Lucky You, but if the early results are any indication, it appears that the film won't succeed any better internationally than it did domestically as it only managed to bring in $767,000 on 312 screens in 3 markets. In Australia the film placed fifth with $310,000 on 145 screens while in France it managed $380,000 on 188, but that was for the full week.
While that was it for noteworthy performers, so long-time players had their running tallies updated:

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