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International Details - Pirates Still Have Some Fight Left in Them

July 15th, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End remained in sixth place with $8.94 million on 5442 screens in 101 markets for a total of $624.93 million. Internationally the film is in fifth place all-time and should top Dead Man's Chest shortly. Worldwide, it is also in fifth place but Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone's $974.56 million seems safe. As for At World's End's individual markets, the U.K. is still ahead of Japan $80.06 million to $77.58 million. However, Japan is catching up $2.28 million on 674 screens compared to just $738,000 on 357 in the U.K. At this pace Japan will need just two weeks to become the film's biggest draw.

  • Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer had the worst week-to-week drop-off on the charts down 49% to $7.85 million on 4098 screens in 35 markets for a total of $96.81 million. However, this drop-off can be explained by the total lack of major, or even midlevel openings and with debuts in Japan, South Korea, France, and Spain left, it should have little difficulty topping its domestic run. On the other hand, the original's worldwide total of $329.50 million is safe and a third film in the franchise might be a risk. I still think it will happen, but that will be the last film with this cast.
  • Knocked Up started its international run in Australia earning second place there with $2.98 million on 222 screens over the weekend and $3.34 million in total. This is twice as much as The 40-Year Old Virgin earned during its opening there, (if you take into account the midweek numbers for both film). This is a great start for the film and makes $100 million internationally and $250 million worldwide real possibilities.
  • Persepolis remained in third place in France down just 18% to $1.80 million on 370 screens over the weekend and $3.99 million in total.
  • Apne added $1.30 million on 665 screens in 16 markets to its total of $5.31 million.
  • Hostel: Part II fell out of the top ten, again, with $1.24 million on 934 screens in 18 markets for a total of $10.72 million.
  • Maiko Haaaan!!! remained in fourth place in Japan while climbing to 12th place internationally. It did this by dropping just 19% to $1.15 million on 287 screens over the weekend while its total climbed to $11.76 million.
  • Black House is still strong in its native South Korea adding $1.04 million on 276 screens over the weekend for a three-week total of $8.65 million. That was enough for second place in South Korea and 13th place overall.
  • The Good Shepherd climbed back over the $1 million market thanks to an opening in France. There the film earned $1.25 million on 240 screens, but that includes midweek numbers. Over the weekend, the film made $1.04 million on 256 screens in 4 markets for a total of $33.84 million internationally and $93.75 million worldwide.
That's it for the $1 million movies, but here are some updates for others films we've been tracking.

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